Cash assistance to a young family. Part 2

  • Will two members enter at once? – I ask, tormenting her ass harder and rougher. Doha relaxed enough already, and the gel served by her hubby helped her to screw my hand to her knuckles, only the thumb did not enter. Well, okay. I twisted with my right hand in Irka’s ass, and her husband stretched her halves of her skinny ass! Class! This is about the beginning I wanted!
  • They will, they will, I feel you will try. Anything will come in with you! – sniffs Irka.
  • In-oh-oh-from! Good answer! So, and I have not seen your wife’s working mouth! – I start looking further.

Igor turns her around and puts her on his knees in the middle of the room. Irka obediently opens her mouth, folds her hands behind her back. In such a submissive position, I admire her.

  • What an obedient bitch! – I admire Irka. At the same time I put my hand on Igor’s elastic ass. I feel his ass. Igor shuddered, but he understood me correctly! I squeeze my finger to his shaved (!) Hole. He puts his leg back a little. I freely stroke his point. It’s not so virgin!
  • I want your bitch to ask me to put my penis in her mouth – I say, caressing Igor.
  • Irka, blyat, well ask what he says! – Igor was a little puffed up by my caresses.
  • Oleg, fuck me in the mouth. – whispers Irka.
  • I can not hear! Louder !!! I shout.
  • Put your penis in my mouth, down my throat! So that I suffocate! – Irka shouts back. She can see that I’m touching her husband.

Okay, I’m getting closer to his wife. I continue to massage Igor with my finger. I take Irka’s head by the back of her head with my other hand and aim my standing member at the whore’s mouth. She catches my cock with her mouth. Now the head and mouth docked and I slowly begin to introduce it into my mouth. Millimeter by millimeter, my hairy cock enters between her brightly painted lips. Here my pubic hair touched her nose. I put my hand on the back of her head, trying to feel the bottom of her throat with my cock! She is bottomless! A cock in my wife’s mouth, and her husband with his asshole on my finger. Class!

Irka joined the game, began to lick my dick. He strokes my hand. She exposed the head of my penis, slides her lips over it, shaking her head.

“Suck his balls,” her husband says. – And finally suck me! And then he already sawed my ass, and the member is not sucked!

Ira goes down my penis lips to my saggy hairy balls. Starts licking them while jerking off my and hubby’s dicks. She swallows eggs in turn, sucks them. My two fingers are dragging her husband’s ass. He’s high. Especially when Irka starts to suck his dick too.

Having pooled like this, I change the disposition.

  • I love it when other people’s wives lick my ass! Well, husband, give me a command! I hint.

I sit in a chair, spread my legs and put them on the handles. Igor brings Irka down and puts her on her knees in front of my hairy ass. She brings her lips to my ass. Too slowly, I put my hand on the back of her head and forcefully pull her lips to my anus. She sticks out her tongue and licks my anus. Oh! Perfectly! I can feel her tongue licking my asshole, penetrating deep. I relax with a ton of unspeakable pleasure. At the same time I make a sign to her husband that he would come up. He looks fascinated at how his wife licks my ass. I make a sign to him with my hand so that he would finally take off his panties. His cock bursts out like a huge stick with a big red head. Then I show him that he should stand next to his wife.

  • Come here, help your bitch! Suck me! – I command him.

He is teachable, sits down next to me, takes my penis in his hand and begins to suck it. Excellent. A depraved family! The slut wife licks my ass with her pink tongue, and her fag hubby sucks my dick sweetly! The money spent is not a pity !!!

But we must move on! Enjoy!

  • So Irka, your ass is developed, sit on my penis, and your hubby will use me in the ass, for his labors – I allow! I say.

Irka slowly screws her ass on my cock. She made a fortune and began to twist her ass on my dick. My penis is in her warm captivity. Slides inside her. Igor came up. I can feel the head of his penis hitting my wet asshole. Relaxing, he shoves the head, oops! She starts to work out a hole for me. Class! In a minute he introduces it by half! Then completely – the prostate massage began! It is a chic feeling of complete relaxation and pressure inside. I reach the end in a couple of minutes!

“Take it in your mouth,” I shout to Irka.

She quickly jumps off and takes my cock in her mouth, Igor continues to ban me! Oh-x-x! A fountain of gooey sperm splashed into his Slut’s mouth. Thrusts and convulsions twist me, I scream and arch. The first push, the second … the third … Well, everything – starts to let go. Irka sucks in every drop, licks her lips, but then her husband ends and the picture repeats. It takes in and out of her mouth. Having eaten sperm, she, contented, leans back on the bed. We are relaxing with cognac.

But time is precious!

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