Cash assistance to a young family. Part 3

  • Come on Irus, we will paint you for two! Igor, let her sit on you, ass on a member, and I will use her from behind.

Igor lies down on the bed, Irka climbs onto him and slowly sits down with anus on his penis. They fuck for a minute. I jerk my cock.

  • So, froze for a minute! Irka relax you a gift in the ass! – I have fun.

I lean my penis against her anus, which sticks out half of her husband’s penis. It seems that her hole is tightly packed! But “we are not used to retreating,” as the newsreel said! I press the head of the penis on the edge of Irka’s anus. She groans and spreads her buns to the sides. More pressure, even more! And the head of the penis falls into the void.

  • AND! – Irka cries out – don’t tear! AND!
  • Do not be afraid of a whore, she is rubber – I joke.

Slowly slowly, I’m wasting her asshole. It is cramped in him, I feel Igor’s tight member, our members are entwined in his wife’s ass. Entered eggs, respite. I start to fuck her. It became a little freer – Irka relaxed. After a couple of minutes of warm-up, Igor also starts to fuck her. A couple of minutes later, our members are running around in his wife’s ass “like family!” This jump lasts about 10 minutes. Then we put Irka on all fours between us and start to tear her and her husband like a bitch in her mouth and ass. Irka’s point is decently stretched and the member jumps into her with a swing to the very balls. She herself relaxed the anus well and enjoys the cock in her mashed ass. My balls with a swing rhythmically slap her ass. Igor punches his wife in the head, pulling her by the back of her head. In about five minutes – a change of position. I take my penis out of Irka’s ass, unfold her by the hair to face me and drive my hot penis into her mouth. Igor puts his own in her ass. So we pull it further. The whore swallows cock eagerly, however, like her hungry ass! Three times we played with Igor his waif, then it was time to feed her. I finished first. Irka was sitting in front of us on her knees with an open mouth, I twitched my penis several times and shot a viscous stream into her tongue. He twisted and milked all the sperm to the last drop on her tongue. Her husband did the same. Irka obediently waited for him and did not swallow our sperm. We admired her view – with her mouth open, with sperm on her tongue, and then I gave her a sign and she swallowed all this jelly. After that, she smiled and collapsed on the bed. We drank more brandy and washed it down with beer. My time was coming to an end, I had to do the final chord.

  • Well, now, lastly, I want to fuck your young depraved family at the same time – after resting, I said. – become a cancer, asses to me!

The wife and her young hubby got on all fours, next to each other, legs apart. I began to jerk off a member, choosing which ass to get into first. The Whore had a stretched asshole and cunt with thick, erect lips. The edges of her anus were open and waiting for a member. Hubby had a narrow shaved asshole. His hairy balls stretched out and dangled almost to his knees. I decided to start with him. I went over and began to stroke their anus with my hands at the same time. At the whore, my fingers entered her loose hole right up to the knuckles. The husband’s point was tight, with difficulty one finger entered.

  • Well, honey, do not strain, relax, it will be more pleasant! – I set it up.

I stroked his balls, weighed them in my hand, his cock began to rise, I caressed him. Then I sat down and ran my tongue over his anus. He shuddered, the hole jerked. I began to lick his hole, penetrating my tongue inside. At the same time, I jerked off his penis and with my other hand stretched his wife’s ass. I ran my tongue from his anus to the balls, swallowed them one by one, then twisted his cock and gently took his smooth, crimson head into my mouth. He sucked it, twisted his tongue, then returned to his anus, Igor relaxed, it immediately became visible. The couple bowed their heads and giggled. Then I started stroking their asses with my fingers. After a couple of minutes, I leaned the head of my penis against Igor’s anus and smoothly drove into it. I began to insert and remove the head of my penis from his anus, relaxing the tight ring. I admired the view of this ass and his fucking cock, while wielding a hand in his wife’s ass. When my penis began to walk freely in it, I took out my penis and immediately inserted it into his wife’s anus. He began to tear her. I stimulated Igor’s ass with my fingers. The couple moaned under my pressure. They loved being my toys. Thus, I had all their dissolute family at the same time !!! I changed their holes a few more times, and then cum in my wife’s mouth. Well great.

If you have a rest, then to the fullest! I bent over the lying Igor and took his penis into my mouth, began to suck his young penis. After about two minutes, he groaned, I felt the jolts in his penis and he discharged a charge of fresh sperm into my mouth. I sucked out of him all his sour cream and then took Irka’s head, opened her mouth and lowered her husband’s viscous sperm onto her tongue.

Everything, it’s done, time is up. Time to work. I washed myself, said goodbye to the libertines warmly and went to work. Until the end of the working day there were still 2 long hours …

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