Coincidence. Part 1

It was autumn outside and, as an evil, the heating was turned off in their house. Anya, putting on a terry robe, was sitting in an armchair with her legs tucked under her and wrapped in a blanket. – How unlucky! She thought. – The husband has been on a business trip in Siberia for two months, and the young body needed relaxation. Tomorrow I’ll buy myself a vibrator! And I’d rather have a lover, well, it’s a joke. Suddenly the doorbell rang. On the threshold stood a young guy with a box. – Is this apartment 52? – Yes. – Then it’s for you. And having given it away, he dashed down the stairs. – Strange, I didn’t seem to order anything. Walking into the room, Anya examined the box. It was wrapped in duct tape, and nothing was written on it. Opening the box, Anya examined the contents. – Wow! Oleg didn’t care! She just complained to her husband about the cold yesterday. This is perhaps even too much! Anya took out a gray knitted mohair sweater, knee-highs and a scarf. – All the same, he is good for me! Anya, taking off her robe, put on a jacket and knee-highs. Immediately it became cozy and warm. Sitting on the bed, she stretched out her legs. – Probably worth some crazy bucks! I thought about the socks. She recently checked out at her grandmother’s socks shop. – So there they asked for 500 rubles for simple socks made of wool. And here from the fluff, and even with such a long pile and socks! However, the jacket is of the highest class! As if in response, the knee-highs transmitted pulsating warmth down the legs, and the jacket gently tickled the body, creating coziness. – But why do I need a scarf?

Anya took him in her hands. – So long and so fluffy? She fingered the scarf in her hands, and the end of it slid over her bare thighs, pleasantly irritating the skin. The desire for sex flared up with renewed vigor and she, unconsciously, began to stroke her hips with a scarf, approaching the already hot hole. – Darn! Lived! It dawned on her that she was masturbating, and that made her feel ashamed. But the body was already aching sweetly, and in her soul, spitting on the moral prohibition, Anya took off her panties and plunged her finger into the hole. Has already begun to secrete the juice of desire. But all good things last a little and she was interrupted by a doorbell. The jacket covered the ass and she cursed to herself did not wear panties and went to open the door. On the threshold stood a man of about thirty. – Sorry! I’m from apartment 62. I was told that my box was handed over to you by mistake. Anya felt embarrassed and for some reason it was insanely sorry to part with such things that became immediately familiar for some reason. – Forgive me! I thought my husband sent them to me from a business trip! They are on me. So cool! Sorry! I’ll take them off for an hour and give them. She went to the bedroom and did not notice how the man, taking off his shoes and with eyes full of lust, followed. And as soon as she reached for the scarf, he simply pressed her to the bed. Putting his hands back, he tied them behind with a scarf. Anya was simply silent from fear.

All sorts of thoughts crawled into her head, and it became even more terrible. – So you bitch liked my stuff? And you already wear them! We must pay off! He pulled on his jacket and bared his ass. – You’re a bitch even without panties! He said in surprise. Spreading his legs, he ran his hand over his thigh up to a clean-shaven pussy. – Yes, you are flowing! From these actions and words, Ani became insanely ashamed and at the same time somehow pleasant. But instead of immediately bursting into her bosom with his penis, the man began to stroke her legs with his hands. And soon she felt her tongue touch the delicate skin of her thighs. Anya has never experienced something like this. Sex with her husband was almost puritanical and oral sex, much less anal sex, they did not do. The husband was very conservative in sex. She was shaking, and her pussy was dripping with juices. His tongue kept moving up and licking every cell. And the higher he climbed, the wider and wider Anya involuntarily spread her legs, facilitating access. The desire was so great that she wanted to cry out. – Yes, fuck me, finally! Briefly stopping caressing, the guy began to tell her that she was a whore walking without panties. That her slut should be fucked in all the cracks five times a day. This contrast of words and caresses just drove her crazy.

She didn’t even resist when he turned her booty up. And when he began to lick her ass, gently spreading the buns with her hands, Anya could no longer restrain herself and whined louder and louder. She was ready to rape him. Feeling the approach of her orgasm, he struck several times with his palm on the ass. The pain stopped the approach, but further spurred desire. Anya could no longer just lie, her body was wriggling. (Especially for – And his rude words that she should be fucked in the ass did not meet internal resistance. She wanted to shout to let him fuck, just to let him cum. Unexpectedly for her, he untied her hands. She did not even think to resist when turning her over on her back, he tied them in front with one end of the scarf and stretching the other end above his head tied the shelf hanging at the head of the bed. where she threw them. ”“ Got it? You have a cool ass! ”Sitting on her legs, he unbuttoned the buttons on the jacket in the chest area.“ What a strange whore you are! You don’t wear panties, but in a bra. and he took it off with a deft movement, unbuttoning the fasteners, her breasts in the second plus size were just fine.

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