Coincidence. Part 2

Taking large nipples bristling with desire between his fingers, he began to gently knead them. Then it was the turn of the breasts. Anya had no idea how erogenous her breasts are. And when he licked the hollow between them, she almost finished. But immediately followed by a blow with his hand now on the breasts. – Don’t you dare cum! But the pain has already spurred her on and Anya just exploded. She finished as it seemed to her an hour in spite of the spanking on the breasts and then on her pussy. Her body went limp and it seemed to her that she was in seventh heaven. – I’ll rip your ass off! – Rip it off! Anya felt so good that she began to answer him agreeing with him, subconsciously thinking that if she did it again, she would not mind. – I’ll get some nass in your mouth! He threw off his clothes and brought his penis to her face. If earlier it would have been terrible for her, now it seemed just funny. – Write! Anya smiled and opened her mouth. – Well, you fucking!

As he did not want to do it, even though the member had puffed up for half an hour and was burning with the desire to cum, he was holding back. But when she lifted her head and touched the member with her lips, he recoiled. Thoughts swarmed in his head, just like hers. From the very beginning, he did not want full-fledged sex with her, realizing that this would lead him to the abyss. But seeing the girl leaving him in his so beloved knitted things, he could not resist. It was his fetish. He just dreamed that he would make Cooney to the girl, putting her legs in fluffy knee-highs on his back, and at the same time stroking his chest through the same fluffy blouse. He had many women, but for some reason they did not want to wear what he wanted, citing various reasons. – And here it is! Pancake! She has a husband! She will apply! They’ll jail me! From these thoughts, his penis began to fall off. In Ani’s head, everything happened exactly the opposite. Although she finished, the desire for sex did not disappear anywhere, but on the contrary began to slowly grow again. Not a trace of the barrier of shame remained.

Anya looked at his, it seemed to her, a beautiful falling member. How stupid it was, but for the first time in her life she thought without disgust that she would gladly fondle him now. She wanted to take it in her mouth. I wanted him to go into her pussy. And for some reason I especially wanted to feel it in the priest. – But why doesn’t he want her? Why does he untie her hands? After all, I look so erotic! She looked at herself from the side. The guy sat down on the bed next to her. – You know! He started. “I understand what I’ve done to you. And you probably won’t forgive me, but I’m sorry if you can. I live two floors up at 62. My name is Igor. I’ll get dressed and leave, and you can call the police. Having dressed, he walked through the hallway and looked at her with his shoes on. – You are so Beautiful! These golfers with a blouse are so good for you! And he slammed the door behind him. Anya went into the bedroom. – What a wonderful evening!

Having untied the end of the scarf from the shelf, she no longer thought that it was a shame to start stroking herself with it on her pussy. The excitement grew and she, closing her eyes, imagined that this guy’s cock was entering her. – But stop! You can’t do that! She got out of bed. Igor, meanwhile, took out a bottle of cognac from the refrigerator, drank a full glass without eating. Less than twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. – The cops began to arrive quickly. He thought as he went to open it. Throwing open the door, he was taken aback. Anya stood on the threshold, dressed in a blouse and knee-highs. – I realized that you are turned on by such fluffy things. Anya ran her hand over the jacket and nodded at the knee socks. – How do you feel about this? And she lifted her blouse, showing that she was wearing stockings.

Seeing his confusion, she went into the apartment and sat on the sofa in the hall. Igor stood beside him in silence. Anya laughed. – I then thought that you washed away without fulfilling your promise! – What kind? – Still, you guys are so forgetful! You promised me that you will fuck me … like the last whore, you will tear my ass with your cock. Here Anya nevertheless blushed a little. – And pee in my mouth. I am still waiting! But first, lick my ass and smack me like that! Where is your bedroom? It was already seven o’clock in the morning when Anya went down the stairs home. She smiled. – I used to be a fool! She stroked her breasts through a thick fluffy sweater with a large dog down collar. She was wearing the same thick and fluffy tights on her legs. She herself chose them from Igor’s huge collection. Glancing at her feet, she realized that she had forgotten his slippers, and walked up the stairs like that. – We’ll have to come in in the evening! Igor lay on the bed, joyful and devastated. – I found the girl of my dreams! Even if she is married. Near the bed lay for the forgotten stockings.

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