Complete harmony. Part 1

Today will probably be a special day …

For 10 months now I have been living in my Master’s house. A couple of years ago, I discovered in myself that I love having sex when I am hurt. Since then I have changed several gentlemen and about six months ago on the Internet I found what I was looking for for so long …

Today the gentleman came into my room, busily put handcuffs on me and fastened me to a hook hanging over my couch. Then, just as quietly and calmly, he took out a small anal dilator with a pump, which he had not used for probably a month, and inserted it into my ass. Since it was done quite roughly, and my anus from any intrusion, I groaned, immediately receiving a strong slap on the crotch for this. He ordered me to be silent. And he began to slowly pump up the expander, thrusting two fingers into my vagina. The slight discomfort that I felt was replaced at first by tension, but by real pain. The pink ring of my anus was stretched to the limit, and the vagina was involuntarily moisturized.

After making several vigorous movements in my hole and grinning in satisfaction, the owner pulled his hand out of me and wiped it on my chest, at the same time pinching the nipple strongly.

In surprise, I screamed again, belatedly thinking what would happen to me for a repeated violation of discipline.

The punishment followed immediately – he walked around the bed, took out his already poured member and put it in my mouth. Grabbing my hair, so that I burst into tears, he began to deeply and hard to plant a member in my mouth. His balls hit me on the chin, my ass hurt a lot, but I did not dare to express my displeasure, fearing a more severe punishment. Finally he finished, filling my face with sperm.

I licked his penis clean, not missing a drop.

He patted me on the cheek, returned to my back half without letting the air out, took out the plug, the sharp pain made me arched. But I didn’t make a sound.

  • well! – He said, unbuttoning the handcuffs, – Now go to the bathroom cleanly wash and give yourself an enema, lubricate your holes and nipples with ointment and go down to the living room, we have guests today. Having said this, he turned and left.

I walked gloomily to the bathroom wondering who the owner had invited today. I hated it when someone else got involved in our relationship. And it gave him great pleasure. After the last visit, I dared to express my complaints to him on this score.

He looked at me carefully and said that if I didn’t agree, I could leave immediately, but if I wanted to stay, I would have to sweat very hard to make amends. I swallowed convulsively, decided not to give in and said that I agreed to the punishment.

He got up, holding a black bandage in his hands, came up to me, kissed and blindfolded me, gently touching my cheeks with his fingers. Then he took me in his arms and carried me to the basement.

Time! Hard leather straps wrapped tightly around my wrists and ankles.

Two! The arm and leg struts snuggle into their grooves.

A leather collar with not sawn off spikes lovingly wrapped around my neck.

The winch creaked slightly audibly, lifting me 15 centimeters from the floor.

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