Complete harmony. Part 2

The gentleman approached me gently brought the breasts together, gently rubbed the papillae and put a weighted clip on each. My nipples ached sweetly, and I felt myself starting to get aroused. Then he put his fingers into my crotch, rubbed my clitoris, and slowly inserted the double vibrator into my vagina and ass. I was already shaking all over with excitement, my nipples throbbed sweetly, vibrators were shaking my holes. Not limited to this, he pulled back my clitoris and hung a weight on it. From the sharp pain that added pleasure, I groaned.

  • What a bad girl the owner was indignant – but we will quickly stop it.

And, opening my mouth, he inserted a gag in the form of a member.

Now, it’s a completely different matter – said the owner – now suck this candy and enjoy.

So filled from all sides, suspended and stretched, I hung and felt that I would soon finish. I was about to do it, when suddenly the whistle of the cane sounded and my breasts seemed to burn with fire. I twitched and groaned in pain, but then I heard the owner’s voice …

  • Does it hurt already? Early to limp, you will receive ten blows on the chest with a rod, forty blows on the back with a whip and five blows on the clitoris with an iron ruler. I will count so that you will not go astray, he said, and then blows rained down on me. He beat measuredly, not forgetting to count, and I moaned continuously, as the pain from the impact was mixed with pain in the nipples, neck and clitoris.

When he finished with the chest, he jerked the chain sharply, tore off the clamp, and I screamed in pain. After waiting for me to be quiet, he cupped the nipple with his lips and began to suck and lick it. I could not stand such a transition from pain and caress and ended violently, stretched out on the straps.

  • But I did not allow this – the owner hissed, gave me two slaps in the face and pulled out the gag. – You can shout as much as you want, but do not ask me to stop, otherwise I will just kill you.

Turning me abruptly, he began to hit me on the back. He just enjoyed it – hitting with a pull, with pleasure, then pausing to enjoy my screams, then unleashing blows non-stop. I burst into tears, screamed and moaned, but out of the corner of my mind I remembered the threat and did not say a word.

After counting 30 strokes, he pulled out the anal part of the dildo and forced it into the vagina. Now it was just stretched to the limit and the grease just oozed out of me.

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