Complete harmony. Part 3

He collected my secretions and lubricated his cock. Then he put it in my ass and started pushing me, despite the pain in my chest and back, I started to wind up again. His hot cock caressed my insides, and the edge of pain moved away. Soon he was breathing intermittently and shot me with a hot stream of cum.

  • Mmmm how good … baby I take 10 hits from you. But the most important thing remains – your delicate pink bud, your clitoris will now pay off in full for the disobedience of its mistress.

And he pulled out the vibrator and removed the clamp from the clitoris.

  • And so that you are not at all bored, I will heat the ruler. I hope you understand why I chose to do this to your most sensitive body part. Until everything heals completely, you will not even be able to touch him. And there won’t be much harm to you.

I shook my head in horror and tried to escape.

  • Ltd!? The kitty resists … Well, I’ll give you pleasure to watch the whole process. With these words, he took off the bandage from me and looked into my eyes. Horror and excitement splashed in them, and tears involuntarily began to flow from their eyes.
  • So! And we will seal our mouth again – I do not want to deafen from your screams.

The gag settled in my mouth again.

He pulled the table with the spirit lamp close to him and took up the ruler. Placing it in the flame for a few seconds, he took aim and quickly lowered the ruler to the clitoris and raised it again.

It was very hot, but quite tolerable and I jerked, but not very hard.

  • Bunny it was just a test! Each time I will increase the heating time and exposure time by twenty seconds. So, very soon you will sing better and louder than a nightingale.

Indeed, the next time he held the ruler exactly twenty seconds longer. He did not fail to report it, counting down the time loudly.

A new pain took my breath away, and I struggled to move away, squealing in pain.

  • Baby, you started reacting so early – this is only the second time!

After the next touch of the ruler, I suddenly began to cum like I had never before. I was just twisted in a continuous convulsion. And hot waves tormented my tortured body.

For the fourth time, he did not hold the already completely hot ruler in his hands, dropped it and swore through his teeth.

  • Well, let’s consider that you are lucky, he smiled. Or maybe not.

He wrapped a handkerchief around the end of the ruler and continued.

It seemed to me that he was heating the ruler for ages, several times he deliberately lost count and started counting again. Finally, the tip of the ruler became hot and red. I broke out in a cold sweat, I tried to beg for mercy, but the gag reliably stopped my attempts.

Bringing the ruler to my face, he slowly began to lower it along my body. I felt her heat with every cell of my body.

Reaching the crotch, he hesitated and suddenly, with a sharp movement, pushed the ruler into my vagina. Something hissed, the smell of burnt flesh hit my nostrils, and I passed out.

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