Confession of a nymphomaniac. Part 1

Hello, my name is Natasha! And I’m a nymphomaniac. It seems that this is how they are presented in various societies where they come to get rid of addictions. And yes, I have a very serious addiction, but I do not want to get rid of it at all; rather, on the contrary, I will be the most unfortunate of women, if someday this does not happen in my life. All my adult life I have been completely dependent on sex, it is the main meaning of my existence, my joy and delight, the main goal, and, at the same time, the main means. I have always liked, and now I continue to like the stronger sex, I think that this is by nature, I never had problems with male attention, and as a result, I always had an abundance of fans, and just fucks in abundance.

I am 38 years old, I have been married for a long time, my son is growing up, but it never crossed my mind to interrupt my messy and not very connections. My husband is a good man, not talented in bed, and he must have satisfied most women in an intimate sense, but not me. Over the years of family life, I have had dozens of lovers, casual and regular, young and mature, traditional and exotic, but none of them could satisfy me the way I need it. Only all together they are able to give me what my flesh and lust so craves: fiery-burning debauchery and unrestrained, torn off sex always and everywhere.

I know for sure, or rather, I can’t be absolutely sure that my husband never knew about my flaw, or, if you like, about my peculiarity, but if he ever suspected something, he did not show it, but to expose himself I do not allow, I am still a thorough and careful lady. But more on that later.

As I already said, nature did not deprive me of data, I was always sexy and attracted the lustful glances of men. Still, judge for yourself, I’m average height, beautiful legs, feminine thighs, a toned belly, an elastic round butt, although recently, despite my attempts to keep myself in shape, I have a layer of subcutaneous fat, and my thighs have gotten a bit plump , but I am persistently assured that this only adds sexuality and piquancy to my appearance. Well, and even when I made myself an artificial breast, bringing it to the 4D size with implants (with large dark brown halos that lighten a little from the nipples and are covered with pimples of pigmentation), it happened, I confess honestly, that I myself did not expect such an effect, real a triumph among men, without false modesty I can say that I can drag almost any man to bed. Although I myself am confident that it is not only in appearance, but also in the energy and confidence with which I go through life.

So sex. I just go nowhere without him, I want almost all the time, I easily start novels, I part with my lovers even easier, I don’t shun one-off hookups, I often give up for sponsorship, as I call it.

And what do you want – a woman must have funds for herself, for her beloved, for little female joys and sweets =)

And at what moment, I caught myself thinking that I was looking at my growing son as a man. At first, such a turn of things scared me pretty much, and I persistently chased this thought away from myself for some time, then with a still incomprehensible feeling I began to return to this idea, and over time I had doubts that grew into confidence that I simply had to do his lover. Well, still, he is a prominent guy, athletic build, does judo, finishes school. Yes, and his household, as I once managed to notice, having looked into his shower, is not huge in a youthful way, I see his father went like this.

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