Confession of a nymphomaniac. Part 2

Further it was a matter of time and a matter of technique, with my experience of seduction! Here, like by chance, she lifted the robe, revealing to him a little more than what is worth seeing for his son, there my breasts, as if inadvertently, slipped out of the neckline, and here bent down at the right moment, and oh horror! I wasn’t wearing panties, and everything was in the same spirit. In general, after a while, Igor himself fell for the mummy, desired, so to speak, me and began to devour me with his eyes and catch my every movement.

The very moment of the first intimacy came out unremarkable, his hand turned out, as if by chance, on my chest, I did not protest and made it clear to him by running my hands into his pants, where a member was already standing with a stake, ready for anything. Everything turned out a little spontaneously, just not in my style, chaotic, but quite exciting and emotional. Throwing off our clothes, we found ourselves on the couch, where I began to suck him off with relish, working with my head, I was ready to swear that he could not have invented such a thing in his wildest fantasies. Then he inserted me into my vagina, developed over the years of pleasures, and … finished a few moments later. A boy burned out, this happens all the time.

Fortunately, I must say, he did not reflect on what had happened, or felt my joy from what I had done, or an apple from the apple tree, but then everything went like clockwork. I quickly taught him the intricacies of how to please mom, and he turned out to be a diligent and good student.

The bottom line was simple: I got another young, hardy and very nice lover, and most importantly, he was always there. Although, it is worth admitting that there was also a downside, Igor himself, from a certain moment, began to take the initiative, trying to shove me at every convenient and inconvenient occasion, and the fact that his father should not, according to our agreement, know nothing only complicated the love affair.

Sometimes it happened that in the morning I did not have time to slam the door behind my husband who had gone to work, as my son was already rushing towards me, right in the kitchen, distracting me from cooking breakfast, pulled up my robe with a nightie and started rubbing my ass, resting against it with his standing member … In response to all my admonitions on the topic of his lateness for school, he only pulled his panties down to his knees, and I had no choice but to throw my right leg on the tabletop, and after a couple of seconds feel his full cock entering my vagina. Here a wave of lust was already covering me, and I, giving myself free rein, moaned in my voice, taking him into myself, with the slaps of his belly on my asshole, feeling his fingers squeeze and crush my buttocks, as in time with his sweeping movements my tits swing , and how Igor picks up the pace, and puffing hotly, puffs up his own mother. That time it lasted about ten minutes and he finished on my back, having time to pull out his penis, but I, no longer risking, switched to sex with my son only in a condom.

Now sex with my husband turned into unexpectedly emotional tones: lying under the faithful and enjoying how he was rushing me to the full length of his heroic cock, or standing with cancer on the bed, and getting no less pleasure from fulfilling my marital duty, I clearly understood that Igor does not sleep in his room, but listens intently, trying not to miss anything that is happening in his parents’ bedroom. And the realization of this, as well as the imagination, drawing a jerking son, greatly increased the excitement and orgasm delivered by the husband. When Oleg, that’s the name of my husband, finished, and after a while fell asleep, I, lying naked on my back in complete darkness, rubbed his seed over my stomach with my finger, where he abundantly lowered it a few minutes ago, and waited impatiently when the spouse will fall asleep better.

Then, having waited the necessary time, I got up, tiptoed into the room to my son, where he was already waiting for me, sitting on his bed and stroking his long dick.

  • Mom, today you have a long time for something, – Igor began to show his impatience more and more persistently, but I kneel down in front of him, and with a deep suction make him forget about his displeasure. I can smell the sperm in his crotch and its taste on the head of the penis and I understand that he already had time to masturbate while “waiting” for me. Igor sits me down in a chair, spreading my legs wide apart and throwing them over the armrests, and with a sharp movement he enters into me and begins to gouge my wet slit, clamping his hand over my mouth so that I do not inadvertently give us a cry. But father is sleeping soundly, and between Igor’s bedroom and room there is a kitchen, which gives us a certain freedom. In the end, Igor pulls off the condom, and ends on my tits, which I support with my hands, substituting them for his powerful volley. I end up falling asleep next to my husband, never washing the traces of my son’s ejaculation from my breasts.

Sex with my son was getting hotter and more disgusting, we were not afraid to experiment and I began to notice that I fuck less and less on the side, now Igor, with his young and tireless pressure, was replacing me with several bulls outside the family at once. As soon as my husband left somewhere, Igor showed all his sexual vigor, yanking me several times in a row, until even his bolt sagged in powerlessness.

Once Oleg went on a business trip, and his son moved into our bedroom as a temporary owner, he slept with me now in every sense of the word. Leaving the bath in the evening, I already knew that I would find him in bed fully armed, with a standing member and a playful mood. And that Friday evening was no exception: Igor was lying on his side, waving his strained dick. I seemed to flare up from the inside, my son acted so excitingly on me, and quickly jumping out of my panties, I was next to him. I lay down with a jack, and smacking my lips, swallowed his trunk, pushing it deeper and deeper into the throat, until I touched my lips to the very base of the sonulka’s penis. Igor rolled onto his back, while I, without letting his penis out of my mouth, followed him, threw my bent leg over his head, and lowered my crotch to my son’s face – a classic sixty-ninth pose! Igor did a great job, licking my pussy, and I, I dare to hope, showed myself in the field of blowjob that time perfectly. Then, when Igor put me in the knee-elbow position, and was preparing to pull the prezik in order to adjust me to its full length, I slightly changed our program of action, abundantly seasoning his penis with cucumber cream, and put his prick on my anus.

Igor, having caught the essence of my hints, jerked his cock into my asshole, and sliding on the lubricant entered me, his cock filled my ass elastically, squeezing out a deep moan from me. He began frictions, whipping the cream and spreading it over my buttocks and thighs. As I screamed that evening, it was an unearthly ass fuck!

  • Sharper, faster-ee! – I commanded, catching the sensations of a dick in the ass, waving to my son and puffing sweetly. Igor finished. Then he fucked me on my back, throwing my legs on his shoulders, then again cancer in the chair. Then, naked and tired, we drank tea in the kitchen, where he again took possession of me, sitting on the windowsill and taking one leg to the side. After that I rode it so that I was sure that my milkings would come off and scatter around the room, to top it off, he put my tired face in the pillows, spread his legs and stared at least half an hour from behind. We fell asleep only in the morning, and I can say for sure, it was one of the most fantastic nights in my life.

But Oleg soon returned. And then our family fell apart. But that is another story.

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