Confession of our friend

I grew up in a good complete family, although my father was not my own and was 10 years younger than my mother, he treated me well, spoiled me, was affectionate and communicated with me like a friend. They lived very well and as I grew up, I often heard them having sex in the bedroom. Mom was very loud in this regard and came violently. The stepfather was a handsome, large man and I often imagined in my youthful fantasies how we were having sex with him. On this basis, I began to masturbate and did it very often. A couple of times when we went to the sea, I saw him naked in the shower and I really liked him, tall, muscular with a beautiful torso and rather big, not even erect, member. I must admit that my mother was also a beautiful woman with a large, strong bust and a gorgeous figure, and I often noticed that almost all men stare at her.

When I turned 18, I was already studying at the institute, my mother decided that I should live alone. I was given an apartment that belonged to my deceased grandfather, they made a cool renovation in it and beautifully furnished it. So I started to live on my own. With the guys, I somehow did not work, I was a beautiful girl and knew my worth, I did not want to trade, but my chastity annoyed me very much! I wanted sex and masturbation didn’t help. I had sex with girls a couple of times and I liked it, but I didn’t get complete satisfaction. But one day when Igor, my stepfather, ran to me to give me money for my daily expenses, I covered dinner and put a bottle of dry wine on the table so that he lingered. After chatting about everything, I felt that the wine had hit my head, and my lust became simply irresistible. I sat down on the sofa and began to caress him like a cat. I felt a return wave of passion, his eyes darkened, thin nostrils trembled with desire and I dug my lips into his. I want you, I whispered like a madman, and began to take off my clothes.

There were not many clothes and he was already caressing my breasts, kissing on the lips, sucking on my nipples, which became stone and long. I just flowed with desire. He put me on the sofa and dug his lips into my vagina, I did not have time to think about anything, as a wave of orgasm covered me. I trembled and my uterus contracted with intense excitement. And oh my God, he abruptly entered me! I didn’t even feel any pain, began to wave like mad and this copulation led to another orgasm. Igor’s blows became more and more frequent and I felt so good that I lost my head, coming to my senses only when everything was completed and I felt his sperm flowing out of my vagina. He kissed me on the lips and apologized for not taking it out, in response I began to suck on his slightly flaccid member, which very quickly became stone. Nobody taught me this, just took it in my mouth! The next copulation was long and passionate, I screamed that he could fuck me wherever he wanted and how he wanted, I was simply exhausted from the desire to get an orgasm and it happened more than once. The second time in me he did not finish, turning over on his stomach, he stuck his head into my anus and finished there. So I found the first man and lover in my life. We began to meet, I told him about my life and that I have a mistress with whom I also feel good, that I really like him and that I am jealous of his mother.

He laughed and joked that after me my mom gets more from him than ever! Once he asked if I wanted to try sex with two men, I replied that if he would be one of them, then of course. So imperceptibly, he came with a young friend, who was 26 years old and I must admit, he was a handsome boy. My period began and therefore I satisfied them orally, and oh my God, Igor began to caress him in front of me and inclined him to intercourse in the anus, I watched with pleasure my lover fucking his friend, and it did not seem to me that it was disgusting, he entered into and took him from behind like a woman, and when he orgasmed, he entered him so deeply that Oleg shuddered in pain. Igor asked him to stay overnight with me. So my first husband entered my life.

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  1. sex says:

    Who wants touch my boobs?

  2. Anonymous says:

    A teenage boy with a sex therapist mother teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.

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