Conquered by Alex. Part 2

Moreover, he returned five minutes later and walked around the room, but I could not see what he was doing, as she was standing with cancer over the bed, and only the second hand deafened me in my expectation of the first spanking in my life. Exactly 20 minutes later, there was a clap on my bottom and a sharp pain burned me. And although I expected this blow, I was terribly frightened by the sensations that burned me. I screamed. Alex began to beat me measuredly and clearly. He, apparently, knew his business well. It was painful and ashamed. Sometimes it seemed to me that I could not stand it, I would get up, send him away and go out, but for some reason I did not dare to interrupt this shame.

When he finished spanking, he didn’t let me get dressed, he just put me in a corner and said, “Wait. I will decide what to do with you next. Flog it again or fuck it hard. Or drive out into the street altogether. ” I was stunned by his words. But I had no choice but to wait for his decision. Ten minutes later, he took my hand and led me to the bed. Put me on my stomach. He stroked my sore, tortured buttocks. He put a pillow under my stomach and said: “I’ll fuck you in the ass, let you have a memorable evening today!”

I shuddered at the memory of his “caliber”. He lay down on top and, smearing my hole with saliva, began to enter me. I twitched under it. He only asked: “Tie?” “Don’t,” I moaned … “Well, please, don’t!” But he continued to enter my ass, and it seemed to me that he would now break everything for me there, but gradually he entered entirely and began to hard have me in the ass. I just sobbed and moaned, and something like a growl escaped from his throat. It lasted, in my opinion, forever. Finally, he finished and slid off me … And I lay and listened to the sensations in my torn anus.

Unbeknownst to myself, I fell asleep. In the morning he was dry with me, although he said that I was great and that I still have a lot to experience. Today he hit me with a stack, and next time I will test the belt, and it will be more serious. He also promised to whip my pussy. He took me to the subway and told me to wait for the call to meet and subdue me again. And I know that I will definitely go to this meeting. I love real men !!!

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