Cosmic ecstasy

The dispatcher gave the go-ahead, the turbines roared and my ship took to the sky. Soon the old lady Earth was left far behind. Before me opened in all its splendor the Milky Way and thousands of brightly sparkling, mesmerizing, iridescent with different colors and shades of stars. How long have I dreamed of this moment! This was my first flight as a space scout. Despite the fact that I am only 33 years old, the Center for Exploration and Mapping of Galaxies has sent a study of the nebula around the binary star Orion.

Having checked the instruments and set the autopilot to one of the stars of the constellation, I decided that it was time to get acquainted with the biorobot, which they gave me as a companion, so that it took various samples for analysis, and simply did not let me get bored. I clicked on the monitor of the control panel of the ship and in less than a minute the doors to the wheelhouse silently opened and my “fellow traveler” entered. According to Byasha, an employee from the technical support department, it was a new robot of the experimental model 9B-SS, (with a self-improving program), which they used “Anyuta”. Strange, why did they decide it would be a woman? Of course, I always have with me my little mischief – a portable vibrator “Egorka”, as I call it, but still: A man would not hurt.

  • Hi – the voice is not mechanical, but very feminine, – my name is Anya, and this one on this expedition I will be your subordinate.
  • Okay – I resigned myself. There was no choice.

The first day of the flight passed unnoticed. Anya and I quickly did all the current affairs and sat and chatted for half a day, admiring the beauty of the stars and the planets sweeping by and changing their color depending on the approach to them. A mesmerizing sight!

Finally my biological day ended and I went to bed. Having undressed and lay down on the bed, I decided not to deny myself a little pleasure for the night and stretched out my hand to the box with “Egorka”. Taking it out, I realized that I was already a little aroused. Holding it in my left hand and passing it along the pubis, I grabbed my chest with my right hand. My full breasts are o-very sensitive. Sometimes it even gets in the way, especially during work. Previously, I could lower myself without even touching the pussy, but only “tormenting” my breasts with caresses.

So, caressing my chest with my right hand, I felt a surge of tremendous excitement. He was warmed up by the fact that sex in space, among the stars – I have never tried this. Gnawing at my chest, I sharply thrust the vibrator into my wet vagina, and it quickly worked there. Almost immediately I finished profusely, I was so turned on. And at the most crucial moment, the door opens and Anya comes in. It was so unexpected for me that I stared at her in surprise, forgetting about the included vibrator in my pussy. For several seconds we stared at each other, then I came to my senses, and, bursting with paint, turned off the Egorka and moved my legs. Anya smiled and said:

  • Sorry. Actually, I wanted to give you a relaxing massage at night.

“Great!” – I thought, – “I haven’t had anything like that, even in my thoughts.

  • Good – I answered her and rolled over on my stomach. The thought that SHE might fuck me spurred me on so much that the excitement that had not left me began to grow with terrible force. The touch of her fingers on her back was energizing. I rolled over onto my back and dully asked to massage me in front. She began to run her hands over my stomach, lightly touching my chest.
  • Higher – I moaned. She realized what state I was in and gently touched my nipples. As a result, I fell into real ecstasy and began to flow. Anna bent down and kissed me passionately, like a man. Oh, how she kissed! That’s what perfection itself means! Then, with some elusive movements, she began to caress my chest so that I ascended to new and new heights of bliss. But suddenly her hand dived down and touched the tubercle of my already wet clitoris. This made me immediately descend violently. Anya bent down and began to lick the discharge, forcing me to beat in orgasm and scream wildly.

After a few minutes of rest, I wanted more. YET. Reaching out into the slit of her dress, I squeezed her breasts, which were very soft and pleasant to the touch. Then she pulled this breast out of the dress and pressed her tongue against it. Anya let out a groan (!) And moved on to action. Throwing me on my back, she kissed me again like no one else kissed. A new rush of lust swept over me, hot waves of desire rose from within and spread throughout my body. Anya spread my legs wide and said:

“Look what I’m going to do with you.

She began to squeeze my (rather big) ass with one hand, and gently stroke the lips of my wide-open vagina with the other. I looked at it and understood that this could not last long. Getting wet abundantly, I moaned deeper and longer. Anya put her finger in my back hole and began to move it there. She began to thrust two fingers of the other hand into my vagina, each time deeper and deeper. The feeling that I was being fucked from both sides, and I can see it, inflated my excitement so much that I began to descend abundantly, shuddering all over. Anya’s fingers in her vagina caught something there that made me scream with truly cosmic ecstasy. There seemed to be no end to this. Realizing that I was running out, Anyuta pulled her fingers out of me, kissed me gently on the cheek at night and went to the wheelhouse.

In the window, bright iridescent stars could be seen: With a happy smile, completely exhausted, I fell asleep, and I dreamed that I was floating in complete nirvana between them.

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