Courier. Girlfriend’s story

Polina was sad at home, her husband was stuck abroad and could not return home. She sat at home all day, watched TV shows, masturbated, sometimes alone, sometimes by video call with her husband.

One day she decided to pamper herself with new underwear to be ready for her husband’s return. For several hours she scrupulously selected it on the website and finally placed an order, which they promised to deliver by tomorrow.

And then the courier rings at her door. A young guy, probably a part-time student. There is surprise in his eyes. After all, Polina, a beautiful 37-year-old woman, with a bob hairdo, lush breasts and booty, a feminine small tummy, in a short dressing gown, opens the door for him. She takes the order from him and goes to try it on. Polina throws her robe onto the armchair, puts on thin thongs that disappear between her delicious buttocks. The courier observes all this through the reflection in the growth mirror. So Polina begins to try on a bra, but she cannot fasten it in any way and calls the courier. The guy comes close to her, with her mouth-watering ass she feels his boner in her pants and from this squeezes to him even harder.

The courier puffs, but finally zips up her bra, but at this moment the thin fabric bridge between the cups breaks and Polina’s breasts are completely exposed. Without even thinking to hide behind, she turns to the guy and begins to wonder how it turns out that she orders underwear for a lot of money, but at first it does not fasten, and then it also breaks. The unhappy courier does not even notice the woman’s exclamations, all his attention is drawn to her breasts. Polina, as an experienced woman, immediately notices where the guy is looking and the bump in his pants. And she hadn’t had normal sex for a long time.

And so, her well-groomed fingers stroke the guy’s penis through his pants and begin to unbutton his jeans. Polina takes off her thong and stands in front of the chair with cancer, protruding her lush ass. The courier is attached to her from behind and his medium-sized cock enters her wet pussy. The guy immediately picks up a fast pace and energetically drives a member into her. Polina groans and squeezes her breasts, then puts her hand on her pussy and pulls her clitoris. Loud slaps and moans of the girl are heard throughout the apartment. She herself tries to sit on the penis. The guy growls, pulls out his penis and begins to cum on her back and buttocks, and at this moment Fields catches an orgasm and falls on a chair.

Polina selects the remaining kits and pays the courier, and they say goodbye with happy faces.

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