Debauchery in the massage parlor. Part 1

As I promised, I am writing the following story, which happened to me and my wife, a month after the incident in the taxi (those who do not know can read the “night taxi” in my story).

Once again, I will introduce myself, my name is Maxim, and my beloved wife Natasha.

And so … Almost a month passed after the incident in the taxi. We did not talk about him, but I knew that my beloved, like me, really liked the topic of group sex. Often, during lovemaking, I imagined how she then sucked the driver’s fat cock in a taxi and then finished.

And then, once, while browsing various intimate sites at work, I found an ad for a massage parlor (we will not announce the names). They offered a wide selection of erotic massage, both for one and for two, plus a bunch of all sorts of extras like striptease, lesbian shows and the like.

I immediately caught fire, felt the excitement in anticipation of going to such a place. After calling the salon, I found out that everything written is on the brink, that it seems that there are intimate services, but it seems that there are none, but they guaranteed a violent orgasm at the end of the session. Also, if you go there with your couple, then after the massage the clients can be left alone for you know what.

I’m on fire! But how to tell my wife how to carefully offer her this, I thought about this question for a couple of days and a miracle! One evening my beloved asked me if I knew a good massage parlor, that she really wanted to relax. Well, then I said I didn’t know, but my friends advised one place where all kinds of massage are divinely done. Natasha, of course, agreed to go there, especially glad that she could sign up for a couples massage.

Here came Friday evening, after work we arrived at the salon. The furnishings did not stand out in anything special, massage rooms with shower rooms, the lights were dimmed, and a couple of massage tables were already waiting for our bodies. First, we chose a classic half-hour massage, and for the remaining hour and a half I took a “body” massage, and my wife chose a “sakura flower”. True, she did not yet know that absolutely not what she expects from the name awaits her. And while she was distracted by looking at our office, I asked myself a girl as a masseuse, and a man for her.

We quickly took a shower, as required by the rules, both lay on our stomach and threw the sheets on top, buried our face in special holes in the massage tables. Two people entered the office and greeted them and got down to business, I don’t know if Natasha was embarrassed that I was being massaged by a girl and her boyfriend or not, since I didn’t see her face, I didn’t see anything at all except the floor, but this is so far.

After half an hour of classic massage, we both completely relaxed and waited for the next part. And now I feel a lot of oil pouring on me, and through the hole in the massage table I see the robe and panties falling off my masseuse, and I hear the masseur of my beloved unbuckling the belt. Fortunately, they relaxed us very well, otherwise my penis would have made a hole in this table.

What a thrill it is! With her naked body, a masseuse girl gives me a massage, I feel her breasts on my back, and her hands walk over my legs, sometimes touching my already excited organ. I pulled my head out to look at my wife, she apparently did the same, a couple of minutes ago and now lay facing me with her eyes closed with pleasure.

A young, pumped-up guy covered her wet body with kisses, caressed her shiny ass with his hands. He seemed to lick her all, descending from the neck lower and lower. I rolled onto my back, and now the view before my eyes was simply magnificent. A beautiful, sexy blonde with neat breasts of the second size crawls naked on me, sometimes running her palm over my penis, and sometimes even stroking it. And very close by, at arm’s length, my spouse, shiny with oil, strokes and covers with juicy kisses a rather nice guy who has already managed to completely undress and his standing, good-sized penis sometimes touched my Natasha. We met his eyes, I nodded to him, making it clear that everything is possible and turned to my masseuse.

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