Debauchery in the massage parlor. Part 2

And the blonde sat on top of me, parted her legs, revealing her beautiful shaved pussy to me, leaned with both hands and slid her ass over my legs, stopping on the cock that was already ready to cum. But I wanted to torment myself a little more, reaching out my hand to Natasha, I ran my fingers over her face, brushed her long black hair from her lips, touched them with her fingers, and she passionately began to suck them.

At this time, my blonde took hold of my instrument with both palms, with my free hand I pulled her lips to him and my penis, who wanted to finish, sank into her mouth. I almost groaned, but I had to be patient a little longer. With a gesture, I called the masseur to the lips of my wife sucking my fingers, I saw his standing stake, he was 20 centimeters long and 6 wide. My head was completely ripped off, while my naked masseuse was working with her mouth with my penis, I took the guy’s tool in my hand, slightly moved my palm, how hot it was, and sent it into the mouth of my wife.

How violently I finished, the blonde barely had time to swallow everything, sperm flowed out of her mouth and dripped on me. From such an orgasm I passed out for a minute, I probably don’t know. When I opened my eyes, I saw my wife lying on her back, her mouth eagerly sucking on someone else’s flesh, her hand holding the masseur by the buttocks, massaging his ass with one finger, her legs are spread apart, and her pussy is juicy licked by a blonde. I started jerking off, I looked at them and jerked off, what a thrill I felt from this, I don’t even know how to convey it all. But it was not enough to watch, I got up and brought my organ from the other side to the face of my beloved, she immediately grabbed it and began to suck at us in turn, and sometimes immediately thrusting two large dicks into her mouth. How nice it is, my penis rubs the other and licks his wife’s tongue.

Another participant in our orgy came up to me, sat down on her knees and began to suck on my balls, moving on to my hole. When her tongue plunged into my ass, I immediately finished and filled my wife’s face and the masseur’s penis with sperm, he did not lag behind and also let it down on my wife. What a happy look she looked, all in semen, so beautiful, licking it off herself. I immediately began to kiss her passionately and greedily, my and someone else’s sperm was on moss lips, all this wildly liked me and instantly excited. My organ was already at the ready, the guy’s penis was already in a state of combat.

We moved to a long sofa in the corner of the room, I put Natasha on myself and began to fuck her in the pussy while the remaining two were engaged in her ass. They took turns licking her, and thrust their fingers into her, then they began to kiss, then they continued again. Until I suddenly felt someone’s warm tongue on me, he slowly crawled to the hole in my ass, this guy masseur was working there. And he wielded so sweetly and well! I pulled my dick out of Natasha and we both watched as these two sucked my organ. My wife really liked it, she got off me and began to caress the blonde, and I took the guy by the head and began to fuck him in his mouth until I finished. Sperm flowed out of his mouth and the girls, seeing this, rushed to lick it, eagerly and passionately, kissing each other.

Natasha came up to me and whispered that she wanted to see how I would do the same, and I myself did not mind to thank the boy. Walk like that, walk! I sat him on the sofa, took his penis with my hand, so sinewy, hot, for a second doubts were still in my head, but after watching the girls begin to caress each other in position 69, I took his penis in my mouth. I don’t know how to convey it, but I really liked it, I liked how this big “lollipop” comes into my mouth, I liked to run my tongue over his head, I sucked like an experienced slut and I liked it. Probably seeing this, my beloved started to finish screaming loudly. I sucked until I was replaced by a blonde, and I was excited again to the limit, I needed to fuck anyone urgently. And my goal was the ass of the masseuse, so narrow, so good that I urgently needed to have it. I quickly entered her, so that she even screamed, looking up from the member. Next to her ass appeared the face of my Natasha, waiting for the reception in the mouth of my penis. I fucked, no, I tore the blonde, she couldn’t even suck from this, she just hung in a soundless moan, from the number of orgasms that she experienced. The guy moved to my wife and attached his penis to her ass, how did we fuck the girls then, you can’t tell.

The masseur finished first, he pulled the penis out of my wife and brought it to the blonde’s mouth, having finished it all, he fell exhausted. Immediately I finished, in the ass of the masseuse, took my beloved by the hair and brought her mouth to the ass, then thrust his penis into her mouth, and she licked everything, licked the sperm from the hole, licked it from my penis and only after that they fell on the floor and we.

After an unknown amount of time to us all, we went to the shower, put ourselves in order, got dressed and said goodbye to the charming couple, my wife and I went home. Arriving home, we discussed what happened in the cabin and what happened a month ago in a taxi and came to the conclusion that we want to do this further, but we want only in the presence of each other.

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