This happened to me not long ago. I still remember her scent … I can’t forget …

But let’s start in order. I am 18 years old and have brown, wavy hair. Slim figure, not bad chest size 3.

One day we had a training session. There I saw her … Never before had she caused such an attraction in me. By the word “she” I mean Milena. She has long blond hair, a slender figure, and a small chest. But the face is very pretty, pale skin, big green eyes and incredibly long thick eyelashes. She was not tall.

Since the training had already begun, we were left alone. The coach left me the keys to close the locker room. We both stayed to change. When I looked at her innocent face, something clicked in my head. I grabbed her, knocked her to the floor and tied her hands with a jeans belt. She tried to free herself and scream, but I covered her mouth with my hand. And since I was much larger than her, she could not even move. The fact that she was completely in my power only turned me on more.

I looked into her beautiful eyes, she no longer screamed. I took my hand away and kissed it passionately. At first she resisted, but then she answered me. I began to unbutton her shirt more boldly.

I kissed her neck, then her chest, stomach. Then I ripped off her bra. In her eyes, I saw the same desire, it only provoked me. I put my hand in her panties. She was already all wet. I tried to massage her clit and she moaned. What a sweet, helpless, innocent she is.

I pulled my hand out and took off her pants. Then she looked at her pussy. She was lovely. I licked her clit. She barely held back a cry. Her juices tasted incredibly delicious. I sucked a little on her clit. I heard her barely restrain her screams. She bit her lip. I was at my limit. After I stopped, I didn’t want her to finish so quickly. I stuck two fingers right into her vagina. It was incredibly tight and hot. I began to move them. To somehow muffle these moans, I kissed her, she grabbed my lips. Her kisses were hot and her pussy was tightening.

Then she finished. She bit my lips with blood. It was a pleasant pain. I sat down next to her, then untied it. We were both silent.

She said uncertainly:

  • Can we repeat it somehow?

I just smiled back. Then she kissed her again. She hugged me.

There were 2 minutes left until the end of the lesson. She dressed quickly and we took everything away.

After training, we agreed to come to me. But that’s a completely different story …

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