Dirty Nurse Panties. Part 1

The first day at work in a large elite clinic did not go at all as Natasha expected. Despite the hot day, she dressed as modestly as possible: a long skirt, a blank blouse without a cutout, classic tights, pinned up hair. The acquaintance Katya, who dragged her to this job, met her at the entrance. She was in a frivolous summer dress. “Aren’t you hot?” – she was surprised – “let’s go to change, ten minutes left, took the shoes for a change?”, Damn it, are you even in pantyhose in this heat, completely fucked? We don’t have a shower room … “. Katya chirped incessantly, pushing her friend into the room with the lockers. “Hello, hello, hello, we have a new girl, her name is Natasha …”.

Natasha was taken aback by surprise, the small room was filled with half-naked girls. Five or six young bitches, chatting at ease, briskly pulled off all their clothes down to their panties and put on short white hospital gowns almost over their naked bodies. Natasha found herself in the center of the dressing room, where she was shown her locker and felt as if she had got into a minibus at rush hour, crammed with half-naked beauties. Some of the girls cursed the heat and took off their already sweaty black underwear, changing into white. Everyone spoke at the same time, understanding each other perfectly, some helped the neighbor to unbutton or button her bra, straightened the collar of her robe or shared hairpins. In a cramped room, five minutes before the start of work, it was rush hour, the girls brushed each other with their elbows, boobs and asses, squeezing towards the exit.

Natasha always hid her Leisby inclinations, and not even a single friend knew about them. Only the Internet witnessed her orgies in front of the monitor when she watched lesbian videos. The most exciting fantasy for her was to get into the dressing room with the girls and athletes and please them after a tense game. And then she seemed to step into her dream, her breath caught, threw in a fever, the movements became unnatural, Natasha awkwardly put the bag on the bench and dropped it, sat down to get it and immediately turned her gaze into someone’s ass: a nurse in a thong bent over, putting on stockings and a meter from Natasha’s face was her pussy, covered with a snow-white fabric of panties and ass. The ass in this position was naturally ajar and it struck my eyes that a narrow strip of thong could not completely cover a large beautiful round anus, which boldly protruded and was so unusually ajar that only one word came to my mind at once: “ripped”. This bitch, whose ass Natasha unwittingly looked so close, obviously fucked in the ass with men or jerked off with anal vibrators so often that it was noticeable just when looking at her anus. Natasha got up abruptly with her bag. “Lets go faster!” – Katka shouted at her – “I told you that you can’t be late here, you can’t be in dirty clothes or untidy, if you brush your hair at least, you can get a fine for this, and put on a robe faster.”

Natasha’s heart was pounding somewhere in her throat, she felt that she was all red, but hoped that this would be attributed to the heat and embarrassment. Confused in tights and trying not to look at anyone, she pulled off her clothes, already realizing what the dress code is: in the heat, everyone wears white light medical gowns, under which only white, impeccably clean underwear is allowed. In general, it is logical, because she nevertheless came to work in a medical organization, and even for wealthy clients, which means that the staff should be in white coats, impeccable, handsome, but docile and helpful. Fat, sweaty, bitchy and noisy nurses cannot work here in principle. The problem was that Natasha had thought of everything about the first day at work: about her qualifications and about a cake for tea with new colleagues and about her behavior with her superiors and clients and about everything in the world, including a modest outfit, but she didn’t figure it out. that you need to wear white panties and a bra. It was a disaster, she stood in the middle of the room in black underwear and was ready to sink into the ground, realizing that in this form she might simply not be allowed to work today.

  • Fuck, don’t you have white panties? I told you about the dress code!

This was unfair, because Natasha remembered exactly how, when talking about the strict rules at the new job, Katka did not mention a word about the color of the linen. Tears welled up in Natasha’s eyes, she wanted to cry, give up everything and run away, spitting on the job she had been looking for for so long. The last nurses were already hurrying out of the room, throwing sympathetic and malevolent glances at the newcomer.

  • Maybe it will give me a ride without any underwear? What to do, Katya?
  • Fucking, without underwear, through these dressing gowns everything shines through, and we have not a brothel here! But we also don’t have thick wadded robes, sorry we don’t, ”Katya snapped, rummaging through her locker.

“You’re lucky, I have white ones, but just keep in mind, I forgot to take my dirty laundry here last week to wash it, so it lies here. Will you dress?

  • Of course yes! Thanks!

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