Dirty Nurse Panties. Part 2

Natasha quickly pulled off her black panties and bra and grabbed Katka’s underwear. There was no one else in the room to see her shame. She unfolded the caked dirty panties and quickly looked at them: fortunately, they were dirty only from the inside, but outside they shone white, only they were badly wrinkled. Natasha pulled on her panties and bra, splashed with deodorant and, buttoning her robe on the go, rushed after her friend to the workplace.

The first day at work is always difficult and memorable. Natasha tried to feel the team as quickly as possible in order to join it as her own. The girls were quite benevolent, although gossip and intrigue flourished as in any women’s team. On this day, it was actively discussed that the head bitch was preparing an order to oblige everyone to wear tights, which in such heat would be a mockery. They discussed whether it would be possible to wear at least not tights, but stockings, and what color would be better suited, and where you can buy the thinnest but durable tights.

The clients were rich and imposing, according to the regulations they had to please in every possible way. Natasha and Katya were not even quite nurses, they worked on the front line – they met, formalized, gratified and licked capricious clients. “Licked” in a figurative sense of course. They made coffee, filled out questionnaires, guarded the dogs, flattering them, etc. Undoubtedly it was Natasha and Katya who were the “face” of the company. That is why the head nurse was so vigilant about their demeanor and appearance. They had to be more impeccable than the flight attendants.

At first, Natasha was a little embarrassed that the dressing gown was too short and with awkward movements on the chair, panties were immediately visible, especially since she had to serve and remove coffee to waiting customers and often bend over or squat, but then she stopped paying attention to this, there was a lot of work and to that all the nurses here were dressed the same. The male clients (and some women) were clearly invigorated and they, without hiding, looked at the staff, and the female clients remained indifferent – these oversized rich swirls, generously showered with precious stones, looked at the servants as at furniture, reveling in their status as VIP clients ; the primitive, monotonous uniform of the medical staff was clearly inferior (as they thought) to their expensive, flashy outfits and did not cause either envy or jealousy.

In the evening, Natasha again went to heaven – beautiful girls were changing around her, their nipples and asses sparkled, many bitches, as she noticed, were relieved to take off not only tight bras, but also panties, and put on light summer clothes for going out, that is, .. clearly preferred to always go without underwear. Nobody looked at them askance, among young beautiful girls this was natural. Natasha managed to see several especially intimate and exciting episodes and was in a hurry to get home as soon as possible.

“Thanks again for the panties, and of course for the work,” Natasha whispered to her friend, “I will wash everything and tomorrow I’ll bring you a clean one, now I owe you.”

“Come on, we’re friends,” Katya waved her hand wearily.

In the evening, in her apartment, Natasha caressed herself for several hours, she was shaken by one orgasm after another, but the excitement came again and again. Over and over again, she replayed in her memory everything that she saw in the locker room and as soon as she imagined that she was licking the ass of the very bitch who had an incredibly ripped anus, she was covered with another orgasm. Exhausted, satisfied and incredibly tired Natasha fell into a deep sleep. Naturally, she forgot to wash her friend’s panties, but this is the story of another day.

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