Do not be afraid of your desires. Part 1

My name is … but who cares, you are not interested anyway, you came here for something else, right? I am 53 years old, and I am not at all ashamed of my age, my appearance, and my sexuality. Short, shoulder-length hair, slightly overweight, but sexy as hell. My chest will definitely not fit in your palm, as well as the ass itself. Have you already drawn an image in your head? Great, save it, you will need it.

Yes, imagine, dear reader, I have had an active sex life since the age of 32. I’m 53 years old, but I bet I have had a lot more sex over the past year than you. Nobody knows about this, all my few friends are sure that I am unhappy just like them, and if they knew that I still spread my legs, especially in front of young guys, they would consider me a slut. Perhaps I am her, but it is better to fuck a young boy than sit with a sour face and say that all men are goats. I don’t need extra rumors, I look like a lonely, but wealthy woman, and I try to maintain this image.

I got married quite early, when I was only 20 years old. It is now women are in no hurry, they are building their careers, and only then they think about family life, or they just fuck right and left, and by the age of 35, with a broken-up front end, they are looking for an eccentric who will put up with their whore, or they are trying settle down. I was not like that at all. Although, the time was completely different. Women protected their innocence until the wedding, dreaming of a strong man who would carry them in his arms. I was one of those silly ones. My husband became my first man. Although, it was difficult to call him a man. I fell in love with him, and now I don’t even know what attracted me. The average alcoholic who considers his wife his property, from time to time getting drunk and unconscious and beating his spouse. When we met, he was not at all like that, and after the wedding he showed his true face. I endured, endured for a long time. I was too shy and afraid of him to mention the divorce. Thanks to the higher powers, we did not have children. Then I regretted it, I really wanted a child, but now, looking back, I would not want it. Our vain attempts, when my husband leaned on me in the middle of the night, twitched a couple of times, and then fell asleep with his nose against the wall – were unsuccessful. A year later, I decided to see a doctor. My husband said that everything is fine with him, and if there is any problem, then it is in me. It’s a shame, but he was right – I was sterile. My husband, upon learning of this, went berserk. He did not miss the moment to throw mud at me, and now he got an excuse for this. It went so far that I began to feel guilty, and endured, endured, endured.

We lived together for 11 years. I got used to the idea that I deserved such a life, and then, in a drunken stupor, my husband fell from the bridge into the river. I felt incredible relief, for which I felt ashamed. But that was then, now I am glad that my life turned out that way. About a year later, I met a nice guy. He was so caring and gallant that I melted. I don’t know how it happened, but I didn’t give a damn about my principles, and we ended up in bed the very next day after we met. I really missed warmth and affection, and he gave them to me. What I felt that evening is beyond words. I could not even imagine that sex can bring a woman so much pleasure. I remember exactly that I went for it for him. It always seemed to me that only a man gets pleasure from sex, but how wrong I was. He opened to me a new world of pleasure, which I had been deprived of for all these long years. But, that guy turned out to be a simple womanizer. It evaporated the next day. At first I was worried, I started to feel cheap, but then I realized that he opened my eyes. I started looking at different men, but not for the sake of creating a family, but for sex. Something uncontrollable awakened in me, and it was I who dragged the second man into bed. I wanted to repeat those feelings, but the guy turned out to be almost inexperienced, and finished, barely having time to enter. From that moment, I began to crave crazy sex and turned into a slut.

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