Do not be afraid of your desires. Part 2

Different men, different sensations, and a lot of pleasure. Someone was experienced, but disappeared from the radar immediately, and someone knew almost nothing, and then pursued. Over time, I learned to calculate males. I knew it was one-time sex, but I also knew it was worth it. Almost all womanizers know what a woman needs, and no matter how dirty they are, they know how to fuck. Also, almost all males are such gallant gentlemen that sometimes it becomes funny. They literally lick from head to toe in order to get into your panties tonight and get fucked. And that was exactly what I needed. But, I did not give myself up to them easily. They had to do it. I realized that men are terribly excited by well-deserved trophies. I knew that I would spread my legs in front of them, but it had to be a reward for their efforts. And I played hard to get, seeing how their eyes burn, and how excited they are when they achieve their goal.

But problems come with age. I’m talking about men now. After 40, they lose their firmness, and I just started to get a taste. A few misfires, and I began to stare at the younger guys. I was not interested in green youths, I needed young and strong men with experience of about 30 years. But, not everyone at this age is interested in women over 40, therefore, they had to go on the offensive. The skirt is shorter, the neckline is bigger, stockings or tights, and war paint. No matter what men say, but each of them turns on a slutty image. I spent a couple of evenings a week in bars to pick up a sexually anxious kid.

But it didn’t last long. After about six months, I discovered a new niche for myself. It turned out that some young guys do not even breathe towards mature and experienced women. It was only to my advantage.

In just a couple of months, all my lovers were no more than 25. I saw the fire in their eyes they were looking at me, and it was terribly exciting. Experience was no longer so important to me, I began to be interested in their youthful stamina. When a mature and experienced woman allows them to fuck herself, they are ready to do it continuously, several times a night.

Also, the chance of getting infected with some nasty thing from a young and inexperienced guy is very small, and if I saw that the boy is a little afraid of me, or feels insecure, it means that he had very few partners, or did not have at all. Elastic band aside, ladies and gentlemen, we will fuck the way nature teaches us, without any latex, with the ending inside.

Also, if I really liked my experienced but young lover, I let him get into my panties without any contraceptive products. I do not like these rubber bands! I took my cute and young lover’s word for it. Despite the fact that I am 53 now, I have never visited a venereologist in my life. Now I even regret a little that I gave up condoms only after 40. On the other hand, the chance of catching a sore from a bar dog is much higher than from an insecure guy, so there is nothing to regret in general.

I remember one boy who was about 20 years old. He really liked it when I got on all fours and stuck out my ass in front of him. How he tried! He touches everything, squeezes his tits, grabs his ass and goes. He constantly asks how and what to do, then he ends up, and I lean back and spread my legs in front of him. His lips fall between his legs, starts to work with his tongue, and after 5 minutes he is again excited, and hammers me into bed. As soon as Saturday came, he stayed with me all night and gained experience. He honestly earned his orgasms by giving me pleasure. First with my help, and only then without it. After about a couple of weeks, he already got so into the taste of our relationship that he could not help but put his lips on the place that drove him crazy. I saw how much he was aroused, but he did not even touch his cock until he licked me to orgasm. After such adventures, it took him only a couple of minutes to finish, and I’m sure these orgasms were the brightest in his life.

The most important thing is that you can customize the young guy for yourself. They go to adult women for experience, and are ready to gain it. They follow your words unquestioningly, wanting to understand the nature of women. But you need to be careful with this, they quickly become attached. If you allow them absolutely everything, and delay with the relationship, they stop looking for their life partner, thinking that they already have a reliable woman. Parting cannot be delayed. I taught you everything, my chick! Now you are ready to leave my nest and go in search of your new lover.

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