Do not be afraid of your desires. Part 3

Yes, I hurt these guys, but they had no future with me. I have chosen only sex in this life, without any sentimentality, but at their age they are not yet ready to make such an important decision. They have to build their families, and for them I am just an affair that gave them experience and taught them to give women pleasure. Fly chick! Find yourself a bird, build a family with it, and make it happy with the experience you learned from me.

As with the womanizer, inexperienced guys must earn their trophy. If you finished yourself, then make sure that I finish, otherwise – all the best to you. Not ready to use your tongue? Well, no blowjob for you. Your cock is not as special as you think! Completely satisfied me? You can cum in me or in my mouth – you deserve it. Yes, it’s rude, but without it there is nowhere, otherwise he will start to think that you are his property.

For all these years of debauchery, I have learned not only to seduce men, but also to force them to be with me. In my youth, I never thought that I would give someone a blowjob, but having done it a couple of times, I got involved. I like it, and how the peasants like it!

One day, I was stuck in an elevator with some guy. I got into this house by accident, I needed to pick up some documents. In my house, I would never have dared to do this, but foreign territory gives endless possibilities. Nice guy, he looks about 25 years old. When the elevator stopped, he immediately contacted the dispatcher and called the elevator. Knowing how our services work, we had a lot of time, and I decided not to waste it. He muttered something displeased, to which I replied that at least the company was good. He did not expect that something would happen next, and just smiled sweetly. I began to gently take an interest in his life, how he lives, where he works, whether he has a girlfriend. He answered reluctantly, apparently he had absolutely no attraction to ladies of my age or my complexion. A couple of compliments that he is so beautiful, and without a girlfriend, a couple of stories that he looks like my first love, and now I unceremoniously paw his cock through my pants. The guy began to pull away, but I said that not a single youngster can do what I can, and unzipped his fly. It was a very successful day, the boy had a big and beautiful device in his pants. I knelt down, took it in my mouth, and after a couple of minutes he filled it with so much sperm that I almost choked. I stood up to my full height, wiped myself with the back of my hand, and swallowed exponentially, looking the guy straight in the eyes. While he was recovering, I wrote down my number on a piece of paper, and put it in his pocket. Awkwardness was avoided, the elevator went, before I could fix my makeup. The guy looked after me when I left on my floor, and a couple of days later called, apparently deciding to repeat everything. They always call back! He was quite savvy in this matter. He really liked to have sex in clothes, and I did not mind at all. I specially changed clothes for him, and when he came, I lifted my skirt up, unbuttoned my blouse, took my breasts out of my bra, lowered my tights and pushed my panties aside. Despite the fact that I allowed him to cum inside me, he liked to cum on my clothes. The whole blouse, skirt, pantyhose are covered in semen, and he kisses me on the lips, plunges two fingers into the thirsty vagina, and when my orgasm passes, he is attached to me from behind to enjoy my ass.

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