Do not be afraid of your desires. Part 4

My clothes after such sex looked pretty bad. Wrinkled, all in semen and grease, but to be honest, I liked all this dirt. Once, he invited me to go to the theater. I do not appear in public with my lovers, but I really liked this guy, and I hadn’t been to the theater for a thousand years. On the way back, of course, we decided to look at me. The path was not long, some 10 minutes walk. It was already dark, there was almost no one on the street, and we entered an empty park through which our road ran. All this evening, the guy behaved like a real gentleman, but in the park he gave up slack and grabbed my ass. I don’t even remember how I ended up at that tree while a young boy fucked me up from behind. I slightly bent over to make it more comfortable for him, and he lifted my skirt, lowered my pantyhose, pushed my panties aside, and entered my bosom. If someone looked from the sidelines, they would not believe their eyes. The young guy puffed behind his adult aunt, and she closed her eyes and waving at him. That evening, I came home in wet panties. The boy finished inside me, pushed the underwear into place, pulled on tights, and straightened my skirt.

And you know, dear reader, it turned me on terribly. As soon as the door to my apartment slammed behind our backs, I threw my bag aside and pulled down my pants. His cock instantly tensed as he knew what would happen next. I’m not ashamed to say this, but over the years of training, I have mastered the blowjob technique almost perfectly. That is why they always called me back, and that is why all my lovers longed to meet me. With what is between the legs, you cannot lure. Every woman has it. Someone knows how to use it, someone does not, but the technique of seduction cannot rest against a natural fact – it’s too boring. If you want to tie a man to you, suck him dry so that his knees tremble, and he began to beg you to stop this torment. By the way, this is not very difficult – you need not just move your head, but monitor the man’s reaction to this or that action. And don’t forget your tongue. Not only guys can wield it. When you bring your man to orgasm without touching his penis with your lips, working only with your tongue, then look into his eyes. Mentally, he has already bought himself a spacesuit, and is sent into space, for that very star.

Otherwise, I am quite an ordinary woman who loves sex very much. And to be honest, there are many of us. It’s just that someone is ashamed of it, and someone, like me, does not flaunt it. I’m 53 now, but I still have lovers who are willing to learn and who are already well trained. I see condemnation in your eyes, but you know – I don’t care. While you are complex about your desires and your sexuality, I enjoy the main gift of our life – sex!

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