Ella’s fantasy. Part 1

There was a chandelier on the ceiling with scented candles instead of lamps on it … In the black and red color of the room, their light was enough to illuminate the most important objects … a huge bed of metal and black leather covered with latex sheets, standing in the center of the main walls, and a large black metal cage to the left. The scent of latex and women’s perfume filled the entire space of the room.

In a metal cage today there were two … two young well-groomed smoothly epilated guys, Ella and Maxi, they wore only leather collars with riveted inscriptions “Bitch” and “Slut” painted with long-lasting maroon lipstick, nails on hands and feet are covered with dark blue gel polish. Both sluts had lilac and burgundy crystals of anal plugs in their ass. Ella was wearing a metal chastity belt that did not give even a hint of an erection to her segment. And from Maxi’s erect penis protruded a small metal catheter with a ball at the end. On their nipples were metal clips with chains, which also connected both bitches, giving them pain and pleasure with every, even the slightest, movement. They sat practically motionless in different corners of the cage, since they were forbidden to touch each other with their hands. And only Maxi put her leg into Ella’s crotch to stroke her joint and scrotum. Ella, in turn, tried in every possible way to play along with her with her movements in her direction. Both sluts had small rubber gag balls in their mouths. Drool flowed from Ella’s mouth on her genitals and Maxi’s leg, which made the leg slide a little over Ella’s chastity belt and testicles.

High heels thumped in the distance. The door opened and the Lady entered the room, making both bitches in the cage shudder and chill by her presence alone. With all their being, they understood that only the presence of the Lady fills their world with rationality and meaning, and without Her they are also worthless and indistinguishable from thousands of other fagots and crosses sitting alone in front of monitors in their rooms. They quickly pulled away from each other, thinking that their little pranks would go unnoticed – they did not know that the camera installed in the room all this time was aimed at them in this cage. The Mistress was wearing a black latex catsuit, an elegant black corset topped with metal buckles in the front, high patent boots on an almost twenty-centimeter platform and an even larger stiletto heel. Her beautiful long hair fell beautifully on sophisticated shoulders covered in latex, and Her dark makeup and face made you fall in love and adore Her without a trace.

The mistress went to the cage and beckoned both sluts to crawl closer, ordered them to remove and pull the gags out of their mouths. Ella and Maxi clung to the top bars of the cage, awaiting further orders. Unfastening and removing the gags from their mouths, the Mistress ordered them to kiss. She opened her hand, which contained two condoms with the Master’s sperm from their last two, full of passion and feelings, acts of lovemaking with the Lady. The lady alternately poured the sperm from the condoms into the mouths of her sluts, forcing them to lick the condoms, which still smelled of the bodies of the Lord, which turned on and delighted both bitches to the limit. After that, the bitches were again ordered to kiss, pouring the resulting sperm from mouth to mouth.

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