Ella’s fantasy. Part 2

Then the Mistress threw one of her legs over the cage so that she was above their heads. She unbuttoned the catsuit between her legs, ordering the bitches to stick their mouths out and stick out their tongues. From the beautiful pussy of the Lady into the mouth and on the faces of the bitches streams of beautifully smelling golden rain poured. The bitches eagerly swallowed everything, choking with pleasure, and then began to lick each other’s bodies from the remnants of this beautiful nectar. They understood that during the next 24 hours of their stay in the house of the Lord, they would not receive any other food and water, except for sperm and a golden rain! Then the bitches were ordered to take each other’s anal crystals out of their asses and, no doubt, lick them. The cage has opened. Ella and Maxi unbuckled the nipple clip chains that held them together and crawled out of the cage on all fours. They were put in position 69, Ella was ordered to remove the metal catheter from Maxi’s penis and suck her off, and Maxi, in turn, took up licking Ella’s legs.

The Master entered the room. He was wearing a black latex bodysuit that fitted his cock very nicely and accentuated the shape of his pumped up buttocks. He walked over to the frolicking bitches and put one of his bare feet on Maxi’s cock, so that Ella now had to lick his toes, except for Maxi’s cock and balls. Maxi finished quickly enough, poured out on Ella’s face and the Master’s leg, and Ella began to lick the Master’s foot, trying to stuff it into her mouth as much as possible. When Ellochka finished, the Lady lifted her head by the chin, spat in her opened mouth and gave a strong slap in the face.

Both bitches were ordered to wear fishnet stockings, black lace bras and black pumps with ten centimeter stilettos. They were placed in front of the Lady, ordered to arch their backs, sticking out their buttocks and spread their legs. The lady took a long stack in her hands and several times strongly whipped both whores on their testicles so that they jumped and squealed in pain and pleasure. From these blows, Maxi’s cock again took a standing position. Bitches turned cancer one after another. Maxi stood behind Ella, and the Lady, wearing a beautiful black eighteen-centimeter strap-on covered with bulging wreaths, stood behind Maxi. Mistress slightly lubricated the strap-on sharply entered Maxi. Maxi spat on her hand and inserted her finger into Ella’s anus to lubricate it with her saliva. Then Maxi pulled Ella to her and easily entered her. (Six-centimeter diameter metal plugs developed their butts well during the hour and a half that they sat in the cage opposite each other). The gentleman, took his beautiful penis out of the latex bodysuit restraining him and stood in front of Ella, who without a word understood what to do and began to suck him.

The sexy extravaganza had just begun and was not going to end …

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