Erotic entertainment. Part 1

Igor was returning from work, the street was inhospitable cold autumn weather. It was snowing in the morning, but now it had melted, and there was a gray snow slurry all over the street. He lived in a residential area on the outskirts. Walking briskly down the street, he wondered what to do on this boring evening. Near his house in a small public garden, he noticed two girlfriends Anya and Masha.

These were two of his old acquaintances who lived in a neighboring house. He remembered how little they ran around the yards and played at mother’s daughters and war girls. Coming closer, he greeted them, and together they walked along the path, so as not to freeze while standing still. Anya was a short, white-skinned, fair-haired chatterbox, with a sharp little nose and a beautiful figure, a small round ass and her breasts harmoniously combined with her. Masha was slightly taller than Anya with a swarthy face and dark brown, slightly curled hair that fell to her shoulders. Her figure was somewhat fuller than Anina, but at the same time she remained very sexy and did not leave indifferent any guy in their yard.

Igor has not seen them for a long time, since they studied in Moscow and did not come to their hometown often. They, delighted to meet, kissed him on the cheeks, leaving bright traces of lipstick. Then, laughing merrily, they began to wipe them off. When the procedure was completed, Igor invited them to come to him, sit and drink beer and talk.

Going to the supermarket on the way, taking a beer, they came to Igor’s one-room cozy apartment. Having brewed hot tea, they sat in the kitchenette and warmed themselves after walking along the cold and wet streets of the district. Masha and Anya cheerfully talked about their student life, and Igor, listening attentively, watched the two beauties who were two childhood friends. And how he had not noticed this feminine beauty and charm in them before. Igor felt the beginning of waking up inside him, and demanding to go outside the desire.

Having warmed up with hot tea, the whole company went into the room and settled down on the floor. Igor suggested we switch to cards and drink beer.

  • Well, it’s boring. – Masha declared.
  • So let’s make it more interesting. – Smiling, Igor suggested, – we will play as in childhood for undressing.

Masha caught Igor’s intention to have fun in full. As a child, she liked him, but she did not dare to take the first step. Now the feelings have faded, but the idea of ​​playing intimate games in such a good company interested her, especially since she had long wanted to try with another girl. More than once she fell asleep, fantasizing how she caresses a woman’s breasts.

  • You would have offered to play hide and seek. Anya remarked with displeasure.
  • Well, what are you, let them do it like this: the one who won, makes the second guess what needs to be removed from the loser. And he will have to make it as erotic as possible. – developed the idea of ​​Igor Masha.
  • Okay. Be your way. But if I don’t like it, I won’t play. – finally agreed Anya. She had not been with a boy for a long time, and a pleasant feeling of slight excitement gave her decisiveness, especially since she, always such a cheerful and sociable girl, did not want to seem boring among old friends.
  • Well, when someone is left without clothes. The winner will give the second player various tasks, which we will now write on the cards.
  • Or maybe it’s better to let the winner pull out a card on which the task for the loser will be written. Like: “A kiss on the lips. “Or” Stroke the ass “- Masha suggested.
  • Well, you can.
  • Just let’s do it without obscenities.
  • Do not be afraid of An, I will not think anything that you would not like. Moreover, your proposals will also be in the stack of desires. The winner will pull the card without knowing what is written on it. Going?

Having received consent from the girls, Igor took out a couple of sheets and pens from the table. Dividing the sheets into small cards, the guys began to compose various tasks while drinking beer.

  • And already wrote, no more ideas. Are you there soon? – postponing filling out the card in the middle, said Anya.
  • Yes. I will add one more. – Igor answered.

After waiting for Anya to fill his own, Igor carefully mixed the pile of wishes and handed out cards for playing the fool. The girls were not very good at card games, so they did not play carefully. But Masha won the first, and decided to Igor to remove a knitted black top from the losing Anya. Igor, without delay, began to fulfill the desire of the winner. Approaching Anya from behind, he unbuttoned the only button between two small, somewhere in the first size, breasts. Carefully taking it off, he noticed that Anya without a bra, his friend in pants instantly reacted to this, straining. Igor ran, as if by accident, the tips of his fingers along the tops of her sharp little breasts. From what her papillae swelled and began to show through a thin yellow beacon.

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