Erotic entertainment. Part 2

  • I see you already like our game. – with a sparkle in her eyes, Masha noticed. From which Anya embarrassedly covered herself with her hands.
  • Well, I’m not stone.
  • Girls, let’s continue. – pleased with this beginning, Igor dealt the cards again.

Then Masha lost, and Igor decided to take Anya off her tunic, which erotically distinguished her rounded shapes, hugging her round ass and lush breasts. Leaving Masha in only tights and a mesh blouse, dressed over a black lace bra, she returned to her place.

The next time Masha had to take off her tight jeans. Having worked a little, and laughing cheerfully, the girls still managed to cope with naughty jeans. She was wearing thin pink panties. Under which one could distinguish the dark and narrow strip of her intimate hairstyle. It became somewhat more difficult to concentrate on the game, the dark triangle between Anya’s slender legs constantly attracted the eye.

And then it was the turn to take off some of Igor’s clothes. Anya, who lost again, took up this task. She, at the request of Masha, pulled off his T-shirt, leaving him in his pants. After the next game, Masha took off Anya’s Thin T-shirt, exposing her neat, pointed breasts with pinkish-orange papillae for everyone to see. And she did not hesitate to take the moment to examine the girl’s breasts. She took both hemispheres in her hands and massaged them a little. A wave of pleasant sensations passed through the bodies of both girls. This made Ani’s nipples even harder, and Masha felt it with her palms.

  • So unfair, you are still dressed, and I am already naked.
  • You still have panties, so there is still something to take off you. – Igor encouraged her, continuing to watch Anya’s breasts without interruption.

In the next game there was a draw, and Anya, who won, took off Igor’s pants herself, and Masha’s mesh blouse. Leaving Igor, too, in his underpants, who were trying to hide a member already ready for action.

  • Ooo, someone is glad to see us. – Masha laughed. She herself, too, was already turned on from all these touches to naked bodies and from the anticipation of fulfilling the desires she wrote.
  • We haven’t seen your panties yet, so let’s lose, Mash. – Igor retorted to her.

In the meantime, the cards were dealt again, and the guys began to determine the next “victim”. She turned out to be Masha, and Anya made a wish for Igor to leave her without tights. Igor, put her on her feet, and he squatted down, stroking her ass with his hands, began to slowly lower her tights off her, gently running his hands along her legs. Having lowered them to the very bottom, first freed one leg completely and then the second. He noticed long ago that he was attracted by female legs, more than once caught himself watching the girls in sandals and examining their neat fingers and pink heels. But he could not touch them in a more intimate setting.

And then right in front of his face, in his hands was a small leg with a neat dark red pedicure. With a very gentle and soft heel like a child’s. His friend, from the surging excitement, jumped out from under the elastic of his panties. And Igor, overwhelmed with feelings from the fact that he can caress, feel the warmth and this exciting aroma of a beautiful female leg, could not restrain himself and clasped the thumb of Machine’s leg with his lips, and began to play with it with his tongue. From such a surprise Masha oyknula and almost lost her balance, standing on one leg.

  • Stop doing that. It tickles me! – Masha exclaimed, trying to free herself.
  • Are you unpleasant?
  • I am pleased, but also ticklish.
  • Okay, let’s get the next game. Who is leasing?

This time Anya handed in. Igor became the loser, and Masha began to pull off his panties. Throwing them aside, he and Anya began to examine his instrument. He was very excited, looking closely you could notice his trembling in Igor’s pulse. After a short discussion of the dignity of gambling, they came to the conclusion that he is not his biggest. The former Masha guy had a penis that was a couple of centimeters longer, but Igor’s was much thicker than the girls had to see.

  • Enough, still admire. Let’s undress you. – Igor interrupted their lesson in anatomy.

After the next game Igor took off Masha’s panties. Unlike Anya, her pubis was smooth as a scarlet girl. And in the dim light of a floor lamp one could see her rather large labia, between which one could see the folds of the labia minora, already shiny from Masha’s secretions.

The guys were already very excited, and it was no longer interesting to return to the cards. It was decided that Igor would undress Masha to the end, freeing her magnificent, but not at all sagging, perfectly round breasts with dark circles of swollen nipples. And Masha pulled off her thin translucent panties from Ani.

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