Escort interview. Part 1

The third year of the institute was coming to an end. I buried my mother, who hid from me that she was sick. My aunt, the deceased mother’s sister, took upon herself to pay for my further education. Naturally, I barely had enough for food, not to mention buying myself something from new clothes or visiting the hairdresser once again, I am already silent about the beautician. I got a job in a cafe, washed dishes in the evenings. They paid a meager salary and did not have enough for life. Lena, my former roommate, got a job as an escort service, rented an apartment and dressed up. Sometimes Lena threw me some money, when it was really tight, I tried to borrow from her, but she joked, saying, “When you get rich, you will give it back.” And how she dreamed Lena made herself boobs of the 4th size.

Once Lena invited me to visit her as a lady, they say, we will sit, drink wine, talk, have not seen each other for a long time. I agreed, and we met one of our free evenings. We sat down in the kitchen with a glass of red wine, on the table was fruit platter and cheese. In the process of communication Lena again began to persuade me to go to work as an escort.

  • “Light, you think, what is holding you back from going there to work? You are pretty, you love sex, you will get good money, how long will you live from hand to mouth? ” – Lena persuading me sipping wine.
  • “I don’t know Len, it’s just sex and sex for money, they are still different things”
  • “Light, believe me, there is no difference. If you are afraid of what they will think of you, never mind, for example, only those to whom I told myself know about me, do not spread and everything will be fine. Try it the first time, you won’t like it. “
  • “Well, you can try” – I answered with a note of doubt in my voice.
  • “Nicely, tomorrow I will ask to arrange an interview and call you”

Indeed, Lena called the next day, said that the Interview was scheduled for Saturday at 2 pm and told me to come to her house for dinner. Coming home to Lena, she glanced at me, I was dressed in a black tight dress, the only decent dress from my wardrobe and old worn shoes with low stilettos.

  • “So my friend, I didn’t understand where are you going? For an interview or a village disco? ” – Lena asked me with surprise.
  • “Well this is what I have, there is nothing more to wear.”
  • “So quickly to my bedroom and completely undress. Now we’ll pick up something.”

She fully clothed me, Black lace underwear, Black stockings with a belt, blue dress and black ankle boots. We ate a little snack and drank tea, a little less than an hour remained until the appointed hour. Lena called a taxi and we went to a meeting.

The taxi dropped us off near the “Paradise” strip club, we went inside. After passing the podium, we found ourselves in a narrow corridor, at the end of which was the door of the leadership. Entering the door, we found ourselves in the reception room, in which the secretary sat in red underwear and a transparent negligee

  • “Anh, at home?” – Lena asked the secretary, pointing to the door.
  • “Yes, today both are waiting for you” – Answered the secretary and we followed the door.

Going inside the room, I saw a large table, at which a respectable man of about forty was sitting in an armchair, another was sitting on the sofa to the right of the table, leafing through a magazine. There were 2 chairs in front of the table a meter away. Lena and I sat down in front of the table in these chairs.

  • “Meet this Victor” – pointing with an open palm towards the man who was sitting at the table. – “and this is Sergei” – pointing towards the man on the couch. – “The owners of this club and my management, I hope soon yours too”
  • “So you want to work for us?” – Victor asked
  • “I wanted to try it may not work” – I gave him.
  • “Usually everyone succeeds” – Sergey grinned.
  • “Well, let’s start with what you tell about yourself, how old ?, where do you live ?, where ?, what do you do ?. etc. in order ”- Victor said. And I began to talk about myself, where I was born and studied, about my parents whose father I had never seen and my deceased mother, that I was studying at the institute, when I experienced my first orgasm and what types of sex I practice and what I love, etc. you use contraceptives, you understand that in our business everything can happen when a condom breaks and so on. “
  • “I used to drink pills, but now I have a spiral for more than a year.”

“Okay, now take off your clothes completely,” Victor told me.

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