Escort interview. Part 2

While I was taking off my clothes and putting them on the back of the chair, Victor came up to me. Having carefully examined the exchange, he unfolded it and laid it with his back on the table. I understood what was going on and immediately spread my legs. Victor drove 2 fingers into my hole, I shuddered in surprise and sighed, my fingers were cold. – “Hmm, it’s cramped, so it’s not broken,” – said Victor, making a couple of fictions with his fingers, he pulled them out of me. Then, unbuttoning his fly, he took out his not a small member, which in a matter of seconds was in me. With strong jerks, he began to fuck me. The width of the table allowed me to tilt my head back, I saw how Sergei was already coming up with his pants down, holding his penis in his hand. I opened my mouth and his cock slipped inside to the base. I felt like his head was deep in my throat, so deep I had never been driven. He began to move in my mouth. They continued to fuck me in my pussy and mouth, I moaned with pleasure, but the sounds were muffled by a member in my mouth. Soon I felt an orgasm coming over me, I didn’t have enough air, I began to choke. They continued to beat me further, I began to faint from lack of air. Sergei saw this, stretched out his penis and jerked off over my face, giving me a break. As soon as he pulled it out, I took a deep breath and immediately screamed from the surging orgasm. He was powerful, perhaps the lack of air affected. After I finished, I opened my mouth again, making it clear to Sergei that he can continue to drive. And he continued, a minute later, with one push, he drove his penis to me very deeply and stopped, I felt his penis begin to pulsate and sperm flowed down my throat, I only had time to swallow it. He pulled out his cock, pulling on his pants and headed to the couch. Victor continued to pound me in the pussy. I was flowing and felt like excess lubricant accumulated in a puddle under my ass. I finished a second time. Soon Victor began to drive into me with sharp and infrequent movements, I felt how with each push a stream of sperm hit the wall of my vagina.

When he finished he helped me to get up from the table and sat me in a chair, he handed me a handkerchief, saying. – “Lay it under you, sperm will start to flow now” – I did just that. And he continued. – “You suit us, now a little about us, our sex industry is engaged not only in escort, as you also run a strip club with us, and we also make porn photos for a famous magazine. If you want to try yourself in other spheres, then please, we are all for it “- said Victor -” And now you need to take the questionnaire from Anechka and fill it out, then Lena will show you where the dressing room is, and they will prepare you for shooting on the portfolio. As soon as you finish in accounting, you will receive 30 thousand podomnye (at that time it was a lot of money, it took me about 5 thousand a month to live). This is money for you, go to the beautician and buy a subscription to the fitness room, and buy clothes for work, Lena will help you, she knows what you need. “

  • “Do you need a passport? I do not have a Moscow residence permit. “
  • “You still bring the labor” – Sergey grinned.

We left the office and took a questionnaire from the secretary, I started filling it out. At the beginning of the questionnaire, as usual, there was name, date of birth, place of residence, phone number, etc. And then there were questions of a sexual nature. What kind of sex I do what is acceptable, how much is the maximum number of people I can serve one. As they explained, it is needed to select a client according to needs. After Lena took me to the shower room and led me into a treatment booth in the center of which a Turkish toilet was mounted.

  • “We need to prepare you to make an enema for anal sex” – said Lena
  • “What will be anal?” I asked.
  • “There will be everything that you indicated in the questionnaire, and anal, and golden rain and everything else, this is for the portfolio. Sit over the toilet “- said Lena hanging a container with liquid. Then, having liberally lubricated a plastic catheter, she inserted it into my ass, there was a thickening in the form of a ball on the catheter, I felt how it penetrated into me, even screamed a little in pain, this ball did not allow the catheter to fall out of my ass. As soon as Lena opened the tap, I felt liquid filling me. The container was emptied, Lena told me to sit like that for a minute. The liquid in my priest pressed on my bladder, I really wanted to write. As soon as Lena pulled out the catheter, everything poured out of me, both from the anus and from the pussy, I wiped myself with toilet paper, a roll of which was not far from me. Meanwhile, Lena filled the container with another portion of the liquid, the procedure was repeated. Then she said to go shower, which I did.

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