Escort interview. Part 3

After washing, I had one more procedure, this is the preparation of anal sex. Lena put me on a special couch with my stomach on the bottom. Having greased my entrance abundantly with grease, she first introduced 1 then and 2 fingers into me, in a circular motion began to knead the anus for me. As my anus became pliable Lena lubricated the butt plug and inserted it into me. – “Let your ass get used to it, and now put on stockings with a belt and underwear, in the corner, put on disposable slippers too,” Lena said, slapping me hard on the ass. I got dressed, she sat me down at the table where the make-up artist was waiting for me. In the process of applying makeup, I fidgeted on the chair, out of habit, the butt plug inside me interfered with, before going to shoot it was taken out of me. Once my face was ready, we proceeded to the studio for filming.

Entering the studio, it was a huge geeks divided into sectors, each sector had its own setting. Here you had a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a corridor with a door we entered, and much more. In the center of the studio there were lighting equipment and cameras on tripods, Edik the photographer was waiting for us. Also in the center were three fit guys, I realized that their members would be accepted during a photo session. Having led me to a sector where there was nothing but gray-blue walls, the photographer began to photograph me from different angles. I was wearing only a bra, panties and stockings with a belt. Then he told me to go into the corridor and lean on the wall, after a few frames, he said to take off the bra. Then he came up and pulled my panties off, and said – “At this level, pretend that you take them off with your thumbs.” Then we went into the bedroom, where I was on the bed depicting all kinds of sexual positions, also with toys in my pussy. Then he installed 4 cameras and said – “Fuck yourself with a rubber cock to orgasm, but don’t try to move anywhere, otherwise you will fall out of the frame. As soon as you feel the coming of an orgasm, you will say I finish. ” While I was fucking myself, he periodically took pictures. As soon as I said that I was coming, I heard the frequent clicking of the shutters from all cameras. I finished and the shots were good. Then we fit into the kitchen, I put on a white apron and also started posing in different poses. Then Edik told me to climb on the table and masturbate. After successful shots, I shoved all kinds of plastic fruits on the camera (Carrots, Banana, Cucumber – they looked like real ones). Then he ordered to fuck himself with a banana and tell me how I will finish.

After the photo session in a solo version, the boys started, we proceeded to the living room. One guy sat on a chair, I sat on his penis, the penis was big, even in my pussy it was cramped (I thought what would happen to my ass when he starts to penetrate). After that we continued to take pictures. Standing up in different places and different positions with a cock in my hole. Dale Edik said to the guy – “Now fuck her, I need sperm in her pussy, and if you finish on a dick, you will also tell me I will take pictures.” We started to fuck, I rode on his penis like mad and finished 3 times, shouting the word “I finish” Edik took pictures. As the guy finished in me, I was left to sit on the dick, Edik took pictures of how the sperm flows down the dick from my pussy. I got off the penis and moved to the table, sitting on my knees. Edik took pictures of sperm flowing from my hole. Then the shooting began with two men who fucked me in the pussy and ass. When they came inside me, they also took pictures of the flowing sperm from them. Then there was the shooting of Lena and I tumbling, licking each other’s pussy in different positions, while the guys were gaining strength. Soon the shooting continued with three guys, they climbed back into the pussy and ass and the third gave me in my mouth. But they did not finish, they took out their members and I took turns serving them in the frame with my hands and mouth. As soon as the guys were ready to cum, they began to inject their semen into their mouths on camera. I remained sitting drenched in sperm while Edik took a photo.

Then we all proceeded to the Bathroom, I washed off the semen and sat on the toilet. Parting her labia, she began to write, as I also took pictures. As soon as I finished writing, they helped me into the bathroom and squatted down. She caressed her pussy with one hand and caressed her breasts with the other. Opening my mouth to the sound of the camera, I took warm jets of urine from the guys. I don’t really like golden rain, but I don’t see anything contrary to it either, I can say I am neutral.

As soon as the photo session was over, I took a shower. Because of the urine that got into my nose, it seemed to me that I also smell. I asked Lena, she sniffed me and said that there was no smell. Then I got dressed and we went to the accounting department to get a lift. Going out into the street, waiting for a taxi, we stood for some time. My legs were shaking, my holes were a little rubbed, but warm waves of satisfaction spread through my body. “Yes, I haven’t had this for a long time,” I caught myself thinking. A taxi drove up and we went to Lena’s house.

Sitting in the kitchen, I asked her a lot about her work, to which she replied, “You can figure it out on the spot yourself.” That’s how I started working in the field of sex services.

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