Evening surprise. Part 1

I came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday evening. All problems were left behind.

Karina, my girl, was waiting at home.
Before I had time to take off my shoes, I heard Karinin’s voice from the drawing room:

  • Go take a shower – she commanded – and more thoroughly!
  • What – more careful? – I did not deceive
  • All! – smiled my beauty.

I quickly took a shower, dried my head with a hairdryer and went into the bedroom, where I saw … And there was nothing special. Bored, I moved to the closet, opened the door to take the linen and saw a pinned note: “Go to the living room …”

I drew attention to my condition, the expectation of something secret captured and excited. My cock was already rearing and swaying.

“What awaits me tonight? What do you mean carefully? ” – I stirred the gray matter.

I quickly ran an electric razor across my cheeks and chin, splashed with some disinfectant, combed my hair and directed my feet into the living room.

When I went into the living room, I just went crazy from what I saw. Everything was hung in red curtains and carpets ..

But most of all, I was crazy about what I saw in the corner. There was a dwarf with his back to me and was shaking all over.

Karina sat in a wide chair, her long red hair flowing down. She was dressed in a shirt and trousers, and a blanket lay in her lap. My beauty gestured to me.

She grabbed my testicles … in a death grip. I gritted my teeth and let out a squeak.

The sensation of her hand in the testicular area was incredible, and my stone root convulsed and shuddered.

She stroked it and slowly lowered her hand lower, into the gap between the buttocks. She caressed my ass

  • Oh yeah! Karinka! – I exclaimed

And then Karina pressed some kind of remote control button on her chair

I turned abruptly to watch and saw a naked woman wearing a strap-on dildo on the TV screen.

  • Fuck! I whistled

Karina took my hand and turned around so that I stood in front of her. Without a word, she pressed on the crown, and I was on my knees.

Then the shaking dwarf turned around and I realized that this was not a dwarf at all, he was just squatting. This was my good old friend Alyoshka! and he was completely naked.

  • Lets rock! – he said somehow strangely, as if the tape in the radio tape recorder was healing

I looked at Karinka and completely peeled off.

In the meantime, she took off the blanket and found that her trousers were lowered, and there was also a strap-on. Between her legs!

Black, about twenty centimeters and about four in diameter, it was very unusual.

I looked through my girlfriend to Alyoshka to see what he was doing now. He was already crushing his unit with might and main. With his free hand he reached into the ass, and with his finger pushed one flap of the anus. I even saw from my place how overgrown he was. The hair stretched along the entire length of the nipple to the navel.

  • Alyoshka, Fuck… That’s the son of a bitch.

I turned back to Karina, bent down and kissed the black, odorless cock, then took a deep breath, he opened his mouth.

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