Evening surprise. Part 2

And he swallowed it, enough, although he never did it and sucked it, roughly imagining how to do it. I’ve seen a couple of vidos before with ladyboys and trances. But I’m not a fagot, keep that in mind! Although he always ended up violently on such videos …

Karina took me by the hair, pushed her head down, pushing her hips towards him. Obviously, this member somehow affected the edges of her vagina, I realized, judging by the excited, crimson expression on her face.

The pubis and part of the abdomen flashed before my eyes, rubber balls were rhythmically and reliably hammering along the lower lip and chin.

I realized that it could not be deeper, vomited a member out of my mouth, coughed up and pressed my tongue to her lower lips. I found her clitoris, which was difficult to fish out because of the straps supporting the dildo, but I managed!

I began to gently soothe, lull him with my tongue. I inserted my finger into her vagina, and began to twist it along the diagonal until I found a well-known, native point, which simply caused his Karinka to convulse.

Karinka even managed to open her eyes and see what was happening with Alyoshka, he himself was on his knees and fought with all his might, abundantly coughing.

I also turned my head and also began to look at Alyosha. At this time, Karina, again without uttering a word, made me bent with crustaceans.

At first I strukhanul, but for some reason my wife’s finger in the space of the anus, smeared with something cold and slippery, calmed me down.

At first it hurt, but then, when the sphincter finally relaxed, I began to listen to new sensations for myself.

It should be noted that they were pleasant enough. A hard root went back and forth in my ass, penetrating deeper and deeper with each movement. Finally, I felt Karinin’s belly touch my ass. I thought that just a little more, and I will pierce right through. I’ll be like a hog on a spit.

But the pleasure from this only became more. It was especially good when Karina somehow changed the trajectory, and dildo began to massage the prostate.
I clearly understood that my anus had become the object of sexual aggression.
Karinka changed the amplitude, depth and frequency of rubber eggs clapping on my ass … I was already sweating pretty much, but on the other hand, my ass was sweating too.

This was already beyond my strength – three tears gushed out of my eyes, and I finished violently, followed by Karina, and after Karine, Alyoshka finished in the corner ..

I fell on my stomach.
Then Karina carefully took out the strap-on, took it off and asked:

  • Did you like it, Artem?
  • Very – I blinked my eyes.

I suddenly jumped up to drive Alyoshka out of the house, but the dull pain in my ass devoid of innocence brought me back to reality and I fell unconscious on the cold parquet floor.

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