Evening visit

One evening I came home, took a shower, began to think about what to eat, when suddenly the intercom rang. I went over and answered the phone.

  • Hello! Denis, this is Christina! Can I talk to you?
  • Come on in! – I pressed the button to open the front door.

Christina was my colleague, we often worked together on large projects. She is 31, a slender brunette with long, straight legs, breasts of 3 sizes, she always dressed, it seemed like strict, but also sexy at the same time. I always liked to see how a tight pencil skirt hugs her elastic hips, and the blouse is pulled on the chest, the male part of the office always watched her, admiring her swaying round ass to the beat of the clatter of heels. A couple of times we had sex, we celebrated the closure of large projects, got drunk in the trash, and in the morning we found ourselves naked in the same bed with scraps of memories of what happened in this very bed. And, it seems, somewhere in the closet were her panties, which she forgot the last time she ran away from my apartment with a strong hangover and in a hurry.

I was pulled out of my memories by the clatter of her heels in the hallway and I hurried to open the front door.

  • Hello!
  • Hello! – we kissed each other on the cheeks, Christina went into the apartment and took off her heels, she was in a black dress and, as it turned out, stockings. Suddenly she pulled out a liter bottle of tequila.
  • Here! Shall we celebrate my dismissal?
  • Did you get fired? Wait … I don’t understand anything …
  • Yes, today, one day! Imagine!
  • I can’t imagine … why ?!
  • Let’s drink first!

I took out a couple of glasses, sliced ​​a lemon and poured the drink. Without waiting for me, Christina emptied her glass and sat down in a chair, while her dress lifted a little, indicating the lace elastic of the stockings, in which her legs looked even more sexy.

  • That fat fag fired me! He called me to his place and asked directly if I would suck him, I sent him and behold!
  • So I asked ?!
  • Yes! I am drawn to puke, how can I imagine it … when was the last time he saw his dick without a mirror ?!
  • Probably 40 years ago!
  • It may very well be! What am I to him ?! His secretary Lilya ?! Or Julia from the financial department ?! Who take turns with him to the resorts and spend hours with him in the morning ?!
  • Pf-f, of course not! They are stupid!
  • Well, then yes, of course …

I poured her tequila.

  • Come on for you, Kristinka and your new path!

We clinked glasses and drank.

We began to chat, during the conversation it turned out that our competitors had been calling her for a long time and she was going to go to them with all her working contacts. Christina turned on the music on the phone and began to dance, and I admired her defiant movements, how shamelessly the hem of her dress lifted up, exposing her beautiful, tanned thighs. Then she came up to me, lifted her dress and sat on my lap.

  • I want you … – Christina whispered and began to kiss me passionately, putting her tongue in my mouth, which I tried to catch with mine. Member whined in home pants. My hands stroked her back, legs in stockings, and her hand felt my standing member and began to wrinkle it through my pants. Then she gracefully slid to the floor, pulled off my pants, bit her lower lip at the sight of my penis, ran her tongue from the eggs along the trunk to the head, and then completely swallowed it. I threw my head back and closed my eyes in pleasure. Her head vigorously moved up and down, the tongue just fluttered along the shaft and head of the penis. I could not stand it, tore her off my penis, pushed her onto the sofa, felt the elastic band of her panties under the dress and took them off, her pussy was all glistening with lubricant, the girl was ready for a long time. I eagerly dug my lips into her, ran my tongue inside, Christina arched and groaned, grabbing my hair tightly, but I did not stop. My tongue then fucked her hole, then licked her clitoris. Soon Kristinka strongly arched, moaned loudly and began to cum. As soon as I pulled away, she immediately dug into me with a kiss, her tongue licked her juices from my lips. She took off her dress and stood up doggy style.
  • Fuck me!

There was no need to ask me twice, and a thin strip of white, not tanned skin added sexuality, apparently she was tanning in a rather petite swimsuit. I sat down from behind, sent my dick into her juicy pussy, grabbed my hips and began to energetically fuck Christina, who almost immediately moaned. Her hole tightly squeezed my penis, finally I could fully enjoy Christina and remember all this. The sensations from her tight pussy were fantastic, I quickly lost my head and just started pounding her, wetting my index finger, smoothly inserted it into her ass, from which Christina arched and moaned even louder, and I gradually accelerated my movements with my finger. Soon she began to cum again and when the orgasm passed, she laid me down on the floor and sat on top, it turns out she was tanning topless, her soft pink nipples looked gorgeous against the background of tanned breasts.

Christina began to gallop furiously on the penis, and her manicured claws pleasantly dug into my chest, leaving marks. As soon as she bent over to me, I immediately dug my lips into her protruding nipples and began to carefully lick and suck them. Then I laid Christina on her back on the kitchen table, threw her legs in stockings on my shoulders, grabbed her chest and began to fuck. I felt the orgasm coming closer and closer and now I could not restrain myself, I pulled the penis out of her pussy and began to cum, sperm flooded her flat tummy, and a few drops flew right up to her breasts and lips, while the girl herself also finished … I noticed how she licked her lips and smiled contentedly.

While she was recovering, I went to the shower and went out onto the balcony to smoke in a bathrobe. After a shower, Christina came out to me, completely naked, sat down on her knees, took out my penis from under the robe and began to lick it, he instantly took a fighting position and had already disappeared into her mouth. She sucked selflessly, not paying attention to anything, I also disconnected from the outside world and completely focused on my sensations and the cigarette burned my fingers.

  • Fuck! – threw the bull into the ashtray.
  • Give me here … – Christina gently took my hand and began to suck on the burnt fingers, then stood up, leaned on the windowsill, thrusting out her delicious ass. I immediately went into her hot pussy and began to fuck. Kristinena’s groans were probably heard by the whole house, but neither me nor her was bothered, we enjoyed sex. When she finished, she sat me down on a chair and began to suck greedily, her tongue licked my balls, wrapped around the trunk, when she swallowed it, I felt like a member penetrates her throat. To endure this was beyond my strength and with a groan, I began to finish her mouth, and Christina took a member deeper into her mouth and swallowed every drop, sucking the rest.

We went to the shower together, from the proximity to her gorgeous body, my penis stood up again, noticing this, Christina began to jerk him off, and the sensation of her sharp claws on the penis added emotions. I decided to answer her with the same coin and began to caress her pussy with my fingers, ran them inside her. The bathroom was filled with our moans and pretty quickly we finished together, the sperm flowed down her tanned thigh.

After washing, we got out of the shower, Christina began to dress, she pulled on her panties, put on a bra and began to pull on her stockings sexy, I helped her to button up her dress. She kissed me passionately goodbye and ran away.

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