Exchange. Part 1

My name is Maxim. I’m 25. I work in the creative field: I write music, poetry, songs, etc. to order. The vocalists often turn to me, and I am happy to help them, but not always for money.

Then I was resting in my hometown – Krasnoyarsk. I was 23, it was a hot summer, nothing darkened my mood. Once, Lika wrote to me. Together with her, we began to make music, performed on the same stage before, but then we parted and communicated mainly as friends. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and the singer asked me to work on a new song for her. At that time, I had already accumulated enough orders, and Lika was always interesting to me from a different side, so I decided to get another payment from her. To begin with, I called too high a price for music and lyrics, she could not afford that. Then I wrote to Lika that I had an offer to her, which could be beneficial to both of us. Intrigued her, I made an appointment.

It was a pleasant summer evening. We met with Lika in the city center, near the cinema. She looked spectacular as usual. Tall blonde, snow-white skin, dark blue eyes. Her beautiful lips have often excited my imagination. This is not to say that Lika was the standard of harmony, rather she had a sports figure. Beautiful strong legs, wide hips and large firm buttocks. I could not help but cast a greedy glance at her body. Lika herself is a very positive and emotional person. She could talk a lot and violently, and sometimes her thoughts got confused, and she lost the logic of the narrative, which quite harmoniously fit into her image.

Approaching me, Lika smiled happily and gave a friendly kiss on the cheek. I gently, without a single vulgar hint, put my arm around her waist, after which we sat down on the bench. Lika said:

  • Hello my dear. How are u? What’s new?

Her high-pitched voice cut the ear a little. I replied with the standard “everything is fine, but you,” and the vocalist began to tell me about her plans, projects and dreams. I listened to her attentively and courteously, like a sensitive polite interlocutor, only occasionally asking supportive questions in a soft voice. Feeling that Lika was approaching the end of her statement, I asked:

  • So you have a new song in mind?
  • Yes, – Lika spoke enthusiastically and violently, talking about what she wants the track to be, how it will sound and, in the end, asked – My dear, can you help me with music, lyrics and generally with the recording?
  • Yes, I can, – I answered confidently – But you know, I have now switched to new equipment so that the sound is at the level, so it will cost you a lot.

Lika lost heart:

  • And what should we do?

I fixed my gaze on her and still spoke evenly:

  • I always liked your lips very much.

Lika laughed:

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy, baby.

Without giving up positions, I continued:

  • Lika, I soften the topic as much as I can. You know what I mean?
  • Sure. – somehow restrained she responded.
  • So, – I persisted – This is an advantageous offer. You will have a quality product, and you will also receive bonuses, well, as a VIP client.
  • What are the bonuses? – Lika asked with a curious smile.
  • Let’s start with the fact that you will save a tidy sum. And, besides, I will deal with your project first of all, you will be able to receive fresh backing tracks before everyone else, and I am ready to change even the finished songs at your request.
  • That is, – Lika clarified – you give me music, and I give you, – thought – lips?

She pointed her hand at them.

  • In exchange for their certain action. I added.

Lika said thoughtfully:

  • Well, for old friendship, you can try. But I don’t promise yet.

I did not put pressure on her and gave her time for reflection.

Lika called me the very next day:

  • Maksik, will you make me music and a record?
  • So you agree to my proposal? I added for clarity.
  • Yes, – the singer dropped as quickly as possible – But only payment after?

I thought:

  • Let’s do it like this: I make music, lyrics and record you, then pay, and then you get a mixed and mastered version of the track. It will be fair.

In-tube statement:

“Okay, but you promised to start working immediately.

In such matters, I’m usually honest, so very soon I did everything for Leakey that I promised.

And then the day of recording came. I will not lie, saying that I was waiting for him with special impatience. That Tuesday was particularly sultry. 10 a.m. Lika was dressed quite brightly: a black dress with straps with a bell-shaped skirt at the bottom. The dress favorably distinguished her waist, and the short skirt made her lush hips and buttocks even more seductive. Moreover, the dress did not hide her beautiful legs at all with a medium heel. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and her lips were covered with soft pink lipstick, which made them look especially voluminous.

  • You look good. – I said.
  • Thank you, my dear, – Lika smiled – I tried.

After that we went to my friend’s studio, where in a few hours of work we recorded a great track. When we went out into the street, the heat reached its peak, and I felt intense excitement, devouring Lika’s legs and ass with my eyes. Somehow uncertainly she said:

  • So now what? – it was evident that it was the first time she was working “on barter”.
  • I think now you can proceed to payment. I said softly.
  • And where? – asked Lika.

We passed the city’s Central Park. There were dense thickets there, and there were few people at that time, so I said:

  • Yes, at least, here, in the park.

With an unspoken consent, we headed to where we retired in a quiet place hidden by lush trees. For a while, Lika hesitated. With the words “I will help you,” I took her hand and ran her over my jeans where a hard bump had already gathered, then unbuttoned the buttons, and my penis was in her palm. From the long languor, he is already strong enough. Lika’s hand turned out to be warm and pleasant. She began to leisurely caress my trunk.

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