Exchange. Part 2

  • What is more convenient for you: standing or kneeling? I asked.
  • I’ll deal. – Lika answered with concentration, and the movements of her hand accelerated slightly, bringing my penis to full working condition. Now he was all in front of her: 18, 5 centimeters, wide in diameter, the head was so swollen that I felt the blood flow to it.

Lika looked around and knelt down. Her sexy long legs nestled comfortably on the soft grass, her skirt hugging alluring hips. Lika deftly bared my head, which was already wet. And then she approached, and I felt my cock sink into her mouth. It was real bliss. He sank softly and smoothly. Her pinkish lips closed tightly and began to slide up and down measuredly. From such a long-awaited and exquisite pleasure, I closed my eyes and let out a groan of pleasure. Lika sucked diligently, skillfully, carefully examining every centimeter of my penis on each side. I ran my hand through her hair, stroking Lika and watching her give me a blowjob.

Having warmed up a little, Lika took my penis out of her mouth and sat down more comfortably on the grass. She grabbed my strong trunk with her fingers at the base and began to rhythmically rub and suck at the same time. Her mouth worked fast and hot, covering my cock with saliva. From time to time she twisted her head, and her palm guided my penis without interruption. Lika sucked passionately, so that I finished. However, I was in no hurry. I loved watching her give a blowjob, her head moving rhythmically, her ponytail swinging in time with her body squirming sexually. She tightly squeezed her knees, wiggling slightly, and her cheeks were flushed with effort and, apparently, excitement.

Lika broke off again. She looked at me from below, massaging my penis with her hand, she breathed often, a light was burning in her eyes, one lock was knocked out of the total mass of hair and fell on her face. Without thinking twice, I took Lika by the hair and very eagerly gave it to her mouth. Like a wild animal, I began to fuck her orally. Hard, hard, lustful. Her nails dug into my buttocks – so it was easier for her to catch the rhythm. I guided her head with my hand imperiously, slightly squeezing the hair at the base of the ponytail, from this her lips slid very often. I set a powerful beat with my hips, plunging a member almost into the throat. When I took it out, Lika spat out the collected drool, a thin trickle of sperm released from time to time from my penis flowed down her lips. Lika breathed faster, wiping her lips with her palm. I lightly stroked my penis so that it would not fall off.

Taking a short break, I said:

  • Do you know what I think? I’ve done too much for you: music, lyrics, melody, recording, mixing, mastering. It seems to me that you will not get off with one blowjob.

To my surprise, Lika did not hesitate for a long time. Slightly straightening her tousled hair, she wiped her lips, so that the lipstick smudged a little and rose from her knees. With a persistent movement, I turned her back to me and bent her lower, so that Lika rested her palms on the tree. One hand abruptly lifted her short dress and pulled down her panties. It was delightful: the snow-white, elastic ass appeared to me completely naked, wide hips, long legs with heels, sexy elastic buttocks. I greedily squeezed them with my hands and boldly slapped Lika, so that she screamed a little in surprise. And then I lost control. With a steel grip he squeezed her neck, bending the singer lower, with his other hand dug into her thigh and very violently entered right into the pussy.

She was already wet and warm, my hard trunk burst in persistently and confidently, so that Lika pressed her buttocks into me. It was indescribable. I slid my palms over her legs. I liked to feel them: strong, athletic. I began to eagerly crush her ass, just digging my fingers. How long have I been waiting for this. I was off the chain. Firmly grabbing Lika around the waist, I began to hard and roughly fuck her just like a bitch. At this pressure, she screamed again and bent down. And I didn’t slow down, pulled it deep and hot right in the park in the middle of the working day. Her whole body shuddered in time with my jerks. I tore her cancer greedily and juicy, as if punishing for all the years of waiting. And so I took out a throbbing member, and a stream of my thick semen poured into her buttock. The main part flowed to her legs, rapidly reaching knee level. I lowered the rest directly onto the grass.

We both breathed faster. After recovering a little after a good orgasm, I buttoned up my jeans and wiped the traces of my semen from Lika’s priests and legs. She straightened her dress, her hair, and touched up her makeup. With a satisfied smile, Lika said:

  • Well, now I paid you for everything.

“This time, yes,” I replied with satisfaction. “But if you need a new song, you know what to do.

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