Excited at the entrance

We get out of the car, go into the entrance, you began to brazenly touch my ass and passionately kiss on the lips. We go into the elevator presses the button for the desired floor. Your hands wander under my jacket. Mmm how I like it you unbutton the bodice. But then the elevator opens, we in passionate kisses leave the elevator. You push me to the door of the apartment and kiss me. Without looking, you open the apartment door with the key. You are in anticipation, the door has opened, we also go in without looking up from each other. You take off my jacket. I’m taking off from you. My shoes and trousers flew to the floor. We’re already in the room. I stretch your belt passionately continue to kiss. Jeans button. Then the castle. But he does not give in because your member has already risen.

Your things flew down. Mmm I’m horny to the limit. Like you, we fall on the bed. You continue to kiss me, your fingers slide over the wet pussy, insert one finger. it is so pleasant. You understand that it is not enough for her and you insert the second. You cover my body with kisses. You bite your chest. It takes my breath away. I am in anticipation of what will happen next. you descend even lower. How shy I am of you. But your fingers are already in the pisi. And the lips practically reach her. You touch her tongue. You run over the lips. You start licking every corner. You bite my clitoris. Mmm how nice it is. My hands are on your head, I press you to her. I don’t want to. so that you stop. You go down even lower and start licking my ass. It is so pleasant. Do not stop.

I slide your tongue to your pussy, you slide your tongue to my pussy again and come back. You fuck me with it. I don’t want you to stop. Mmm how awesome excitement is. Heat in the body. I am burning with desire. I’m holding your hair, I want you to continue. You rest against my pussy, lick it eagerly. How super it is. I want to cum on your tongue. I finished. You lick everything to the last drop. You fiddle with your clitoris with your tongue. I want you to be pleased too, I call you to me, you lie on top of me in passionate kisses, I turn you over and now you are in my power. Now I go down lower and lower, rewarding your body with my kisses, I stop near the nipple, I take it in my mouth and lick it with my tongue. Mm what are you excited your penis does not allow me to go down. He stands with a stake. I kiss your pubis.

You’re looking forward to it. You want me to quickly touch him with my lips. And no, I go back to your nipples, take the other nipple in my lips and begin to suck it with your hands on my back. You want me to quickly go downstairs. I start kissing your tummy. Pubis. And finally I took it in my hands. She ran her tongue over it. How delicious he is, grease is released from it. You want me to continue. I lick it. Then she took the head in her mouth and began to suck, I go down to the bottom and go up. I squeeze it with my lips, but the tongue wanders over the head. You’re at your peak. You want to cum. I feel it. I remove my lips from the penis and start licking your testicles down to your ass. I start to lick her teasing. You want me to enter it. I moisten my finger with saliva and go into your ass. She doesn’t want to let me in. I moisten with saliva, she let me in in a circular motion, I introduce them there you like … I take the cream, grease your ass and put two fingers in already.

You moan pleasantly. your ass is horny, she wants to continue, I put on panties with a member of 16 cm and 4 gently enter it. You are so sweet. I hold your leg with one hand and I fight you with the other. Member. Your knees are bent, your arms are holding the pillow.

You threw your head back, you’re good! I start to pick up the pace.

I want you to roll over onto your stomach and kneel.

With a sharp push, I insert a rubber member into you. Shakes you. My two hands on your thighs squeeze them strongly … You began to adjust yourself to the penis, You move faster and faster I slap you on your bottom with my palm. You are reaching the limit. But I don’t want you to finish. I put you on the back, sat on your face, I put a pillow under your ass and continue to fuck you in the ass. Mmmm how nice you lick.

You Suck on the clitoris and rub it in your mouth. My hand on the other dick continues to fuck you. I finished a second time. And I’m tired of it and I want to ride it. I sit on top of him, my face is turned to you, I bow down and kiss you passionately, MMM All your face is in my juices. I begin to go down and go up and down. I love to be on top. And feel it at full length. You hold your breasts with your hands and squeeze the nipple. You’re on the edge, you want to cum. I get up I take it in my mouth you cum on my tongue. You and me are shaking, from overexcitement. I rise up your body and we merge into kisses, your tongue licks the sperm in my mouth. We fall exhausted on the bed.

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