Experiment. Part 1

I woke up when the numbers on the clock showed 4 pm. Nda … It would be nice to do the cleaning in my three-room apartment, otherwise yesterday was Friday and there was only confusion around. In general, while I was cleaning, evening came imperceptibly.

Today was a very fun activity – testing new developments in the field of intimate toys. Our laboratory was located on the first floor, or rather, in the basement of the house where I live, but nevertheless, it was always cozy and well renovated there.

Having finished cleaning, I left the apartment, locked it with a key and went down to the laboratory. Katka, my girlfriend, was already waiting for me there. She was a pretty girl with a very good figure.

I met her at university, and now she helps me in testing new inventions.

  • Hello, Katyun! You’re already here? – I went up to her and hugged her, and I kissed her.
  • Hello, my love! Yes, I just came. – Katya said cheerfully and kissed me back.
  • Now let’s start testing new inventions! – I said with a spark of enthusiasm.
  • Mmmm … What kind of inventions? – in Katya’s voice there was a note of exhaustion from interest.
  • You will see! – I answered maliciously.

We went into a spacious hall-room. In the far corner there were three touch screens almost close to each other – computers, a lot of all kinds of equipment, a cabinet; closer to the center there was a table with various cones and substances in them, and at the very entrance to the room there was a large, soft, leather sofa. Katka immediately plopped down on him.

I went to the closet and pulled out something that looked like a flesh-colored jumpsuit. Then I

took one pill from the table and swallowed it. After that, I began to gradually take off my clothes.

  • Ltd! It will be interesting – Katka said almost laughing
  • Wait a little – I said, trying to cope with the zipper on my pants.

After 2 minutes I was completely naked. After that I started putting on this jumpsuit.

At first it looked like a deflated sex shop doll, but after a few minutes my

the body gradually began to take on a sexy feminine shape. In the end, before Katya

there was a naked, slender woman with an appetizing ass and a size 3 breast. Katya started to get a little turned on.

  • Well, do you like it? – I said, not in a feminine voice.
  • Wow!!! You’re cool!!! I want you!!! Katya almost shouted. – But

you didn’t come out with a voice, ”she said laughing.

  • This is fixable – I answered and went to the table, opened the drawer, took from there, something like

gum and stuck to my palate.

  • And now, my dear, Ekaterina? – I said in a soft female voice.
  • And now, I’m just delighted! – it was clear that Katya was already wound up and wielded one

with your hand between your legs.

  • So, let’s play! Let’s change roles, or rather sexes – I said with a grin.

Approaching the same closet, I pulled out another overalls with characteristic male “bulges”, took a pill from the table and gave it to Katya.

  • Here, swallow the pill, completely undress and get into the suit. All other transformations will be done by the suit and the pill.

Five minutes and in the room there were two naked bodies – one very sexy lady and one very

embossed and sexy man.

  • Katya, say something! – I said to Katya.
  • Stop making fun of me! – answered the man in an almost squeaky female voice.
  • Ah-ah-ah !! – I could not resist laughing! – Here. Hold this voice configurator and stick it to

to my palate – I gave Katya almost the same “chewing gum” that I took for myself.

“Thank you,” Katya said in a hoarse bass.

  • Now let’s go for a walk to the shop. Only a condition: you play the role of a slave, and I play the role of mistress. Okay?
  • Okay! – answered Katya

“But first I need to get dressed. Something hot and sexy! – Go and bring me

black latex leggings with an almost invisible zipper between the legs, gel, black shoes on

high stiletto heels, and a mini dress. – You will find all this in the next room. – Put on yourself

jeans, a t-shirt, and shoes. By the way, don’t wear panties.

  • Yes, Mistress! – Katya was already beginning to enter the role.
  • And hurry up! – I emphasized.

When she returned, she was already dressed in what she was told.

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