Experiment. Part 2

I sat down on the sofa, told her to dress me, before that she anointed me with gel. Ten

minutes everything was ready.

  • So shall we go, my lady? Katya asked.
  • No, I prepared another surprise. – I answered and smiled.
  • Here is my latest development – I went to the same table and took an object from it distantly

resembling a dildo. It was quite thick about 7 centimeters in diameter and 18 in length.

Lifting my mini dress, I unbuttoned the leggings between my legs and gradually began to introduce this

object until only the head 4-5 centimeters in size became visible.

  • Here you go. Now I have a good tool for you! If you are guilty, it will increase in

length and width so that it can tear your ass to smithereens – I said affectionate

woman’s voice, and, not completely zipping the leggings and lowering the dress, hid this


  • Come on.
  • Yes, my lady – Katya answered

The sun had already set below the horizon and time was slowly but surely approaching midnight. In the shop

there were no people. Entering the store, I immediately strictly said – open the door for me and take the basket!

Katka, in the form of a peasant, did everything without talking. I walked slowly clinking my heels

on the tile floor. Katka followed me.

  • So, take everything that is written in this list – I gave Katya a piece of paper – plus whipped cream –

I commanded – and take that cake, and that bottle of wine.

  • Yes, my lady – Katya answered in the same voice.

Approaching the checkout, I noticed that she was thinking about something and just stood and waited, although the people

there was no checkout.

  • Why are we slowing down? Have you been punished for a long time? – I said sternly.

Katya silently began to hand over food to the cashier.

After paying the cashier money, Katya took the packages and began to put food there. Meanwhile, I

went to the exit. When I reached the door, I ordered – open it!

But Katya had both hands full of bags.

  • I cant! – said Katya
  • You can do anything! Open the door for me now, otherwise you will be whipped at home.
  • Yes, my lady – answered Katya and somehow opened the door for me.

When we entered the house I said:

  • Now let’s go up to me.
  • Yes, my lady – was answered.

Opening the apartment and giving the command to put food in the kitchen, I gracefully walked into the room where there was a large bed.

  • Come on, come here – I said.

Katya came in.

  • Sat down on the bed, quickly! I ordered.
  • Yes, my lady – answered Katya and sat down on the bed.
  • Do you know that you will get a spanking from me today?
  • Yes, Mistress!
  • Do you know why?
  • Yes, Mistress!
  • I thought you didn’t! – I lifted the dress and unzipped the leggings. From there to

the dildo still looked out. Gradually, he got out 15 centimeters, covered in grease.

  • Suck! – I said to Katya.

Katya began to suck quickly and efficiently.

  • You can, when you want! – I said.

After three minutes, I took him by the hair and stopped him.

  • Now take off your pants, turn your ass towards me and lie on your stomach!

Katya obeyed.

  • Mmmm … I’m going to fuck you now. And specifically.

I took the dildo in my hand and began to nag a little while caressing. He’s everything

increased. As a result, it became half a meter long and 20 wide.

I began to gradually enter Katya.

  • Like?
  • Yes, Mistress! – Katya said quietly, shaking with pain.
  • So, bitch, next time, so that he knew how to open the door for a lady.

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