Face to face. Part 1

  • Do you mind if I send this photo to Tanya? – Oksana asked delicately.

I knelt by the bed and licked her legs while she texted on the phone. The flash made me look up. I sighed and clarified:

  • Who is Tanya?
  • You don’t know her, probably … – answered Oksana, sending the picture. – Not a very close friend, rather Dasha than mine.
  • Why does she need my photo? – I specified.
  • I’ll tell you now! – Oksana perked up. – This is a very interesting story.

I took up her fingers again.

  • Tanya has been practicing BDSM for a long time, but she was lower. She was dominated by her boyfriend, Roman. We don’t really know him at all. Spanking, bondage, hard sex, everything is as usual.

I licked my foot several times and looked at Oksana, showing that I was listening.

  • Dasha and I persuaded to try her femdom, but she always refused. She said that it was not her, that she liked everything and did not want to be mistress.

Oksana bent her right leg and stretched her left. I realized that I had to do it.

  • But at some point she made up her mind. I persuaded the guy to try … on March 8, by the way, it was. He could not refuse, Women’s Day!

Oksana giggled – either the idea seemed funny to her, or she felt tickled.

  • Well, that’s it. Since then, she has always dominated in bed. Said she never had so much fun when she was down. And how many conversations there were!

I gently kissed the instep of the foot and listened attentively.

  • Roman accepted it almost immediately, so everything is fine with them. Still, Tanya still sometimes feels insecure. She spent too much time connected with his cock in the ass, so now it can be difficult for her to rebuild. By the way, she calls those times “before the revolution”!

We both laughed. Then Oksana ran her foot over my lips and hastily protruding tongue, and continued:

  • She sometimes sends us photos with Dasha, and we cheer her up. Here, look!

Oksana held out the phone screen to me. I climbed onto the bed and, on all fours, looked at the photo. It was a selfie of a beautiful dark-haired girl. She herself only partially got into the frame, but a completely naked man got there. He was standing with his back to the phone in the doorway, his arms outstretched by something tied and pulled up to a large nail above the jamb. There was a whip on the door handle.

  • I decided to send her our photo in return. To make her feel that she is not alone, you know? That she is part of a whole world in which women are on top.

I was still on all fours, thinking about Tanya and her “revolution”. Something this story hooked me, and I tried to understand what exactly. Oksana stretched her leg and gently held her back and forth over my locked penis and free balls. It seemed to me that the cage became tighter in an instant.
• • •
“Remember when I promised I would come up with a reward for your first anal orgasm? I invented it! “

Having received this message, I should have been happy, but instead I got angry. The only reward I wanted was to remove the chastity belt, but Oksana refused to open it even temporarily, believing that it could hurt my progress. For the same reason, she refused to give me a non-anal orgasm with a vibrator that could ease my pain. So what could she reward me with?

“Today during sex you will be on top. You deserved it :)”

The second message made my heart beat faster. I tried to remember the last time I was on top, and then the third message came:

“Face to face ;)”

My breath caught in my throat. It seems that in the missionary position we last had sex a long time ago, even before Oksana whipped me for the first time. In general, I was not too upset about this – her enthusiasm in the riding position, which she acquired, as soon as they put handcuffs on me, more than covered the damage. But now I realized how much I missed it.

I understood that Oksana would not allow me to finish, but the very opportunity to free myself from the belt for a while, enter it, fuck her, seemed to me a fabulous gift. The member whined, struggling to get up.

“I love you,” I typed back, jumped up, and walked across the room in excitement.

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