Face to face. Part 2

  • Come on, sit down! – said Oksana impatiently. She was lying on the bed almost naked, except for the strap sticking straight up. I looked at him and realized that no other “from above” was shining for me today.
  • When you wrote … I thought …
  • What am I going to release you today? Oh! – Oksana seems to be sincerely upset. She sat up, took my hand and looked into my eyes. – My dear, we have already discussed this …

I looked away.

  • I will definitely let you out, – said Oksana firmly. – I promise. But later. Now you need to practice with a strapon. So far, your anal orgasm is harder to mine than Bitcoin. But we will fix it …

She pulled me over.

  • Put your hands on my boobs … like this … and sit down … – she whispered, getting more and more excited.

Her hands wrapped around my hips and practically put me on the protruding toy. I groaned.

  • Don’t you want to cum on me? – Oksana asked tenderly.
  • I want to cum inside you. I replied unexpectedly.

Oksana laughed.

  • Move … – she whispered with her lips and I realized that the time for talking had passed. Squeezing her breasts harder, I set to work.
    • • •
  • Undress me! – Oksana ordered, admiring me. Her voice left no doubt that the lady was in front of me now. He wanted to obey immediately and without hesitation. She ordered me to undress even earlier, and now I stood naked in front of her, waiting for new orders.

The dress fell to the floor, followed by a bra. I stood behind Oksana, covering her neck with kisses and massaging her tits with my hands. A cage with a swollen penis rubbed against her lace panties. Oksana did not mind, even when one of my hands fell down her body and slid into them …

Despite all her determination, I saw that she was afraid to go too far. Since I was locked up, she almost ceased to bind me and generally restrain my initiative. The abundance of petting was supposed to compensate for the lack of orgasms and erections, but it turned out the opposite: licking her breasts and squeezing her ass, I was especially acutely aware of my new restrictions. Anyway, now, undressing her, I could afford a lot without fear of punishment.

Remembering the session with Dasha, I knelt down and began to pull off Oksana’s panties with my teeth. She carefully stopped me.

  • Shoes first …

Oksana loved shoes. Shoes, boots and sandals were an indispensable attribute of our sex life. Sometimes she wore them only for a few minutes before the session, sometimes she went to them straight to bed. From time to time I had to lick them. Oksana tried not to abuse the latter, but I saw how much it excites her.

Today she was wearing high-heeled shoes with an ankle strap. As soon as I saw him, I realized what to do. I went down and kissed her shoe. Once, twice, I licked … I continued this until I heard a low moan from above. Hoping that Oksana closed her eyes with pleasure, I began to act.

Unbuckling the strap on my left ankle, I simultaneously unbuttoned the bracelet with the key, which was right under it. The key fell into my palm. Without ceasing to kiss, I quickly fastened the bracelet, took off my shoe and put it aside, hiding the key under it. The main thing was done, and I was relieved to work on the second leg, while wondering when I could use the key.

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