Face to face. Part 3

I was lucky. After I completely undressed Oksana and we were passionately caressing for some time, she hardly pulled herself away from me and went for the whip. The whip was not in place and Oksana went to another room to look for it. I immediately got down to business, and when Oksana returned with the whip she found, the chastity belt was under the bed, and I was lying on it, hiding the rising member under me.

Oksana whipped me quite hard: I clearly overexcited her and she could not contain her emotions. But it was already easy for me to withstand a flogging with a whip, especially with a full erection, no matter how violent it was. However, I was afraid to draw Oksana’s attention to this fact ahead of time, so once I even covered my buttocks with my palm.

“Well, well,” she said laughing, pulling my hand away. – Don’t close. Just relax!

I obediently put my hands under my head and the whip again sank down on my ass with a whistle …
• • •
I knew that the spanking would not last long: Oksana wanted me too much to delay sex. Within a few minutes, she threw the whip away, climbed onto the bed and sat down more comfortably by the side of the bed, placing pillows under her back. I continued to lie face down, knowing that if I got up, my cock would immediately catch her eye.

“Come here,” she beckoned to me. – You have already worked with your hands, now it’s time to use your tongue.

I figured out how to get out of the situation. I crawled closer and began to cover her legs with kisses. Feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips. Oksana threw back her head and closed her eyes with pleasure, and meanwhile I climbed higher and higher. Having licked between her legs a couple of times, I did not stop and moved to my stomach. Oksana noticed that something unusual was happening only when I was already playing with my tongue with her nipples.

  • Apparently, I was not clear! She chuckled. – I want you to lick me.

Instead of answering, I kissed her shoulder, then her neck, and then took her by the hips and lowered her lower. Now she was lying on the pillow, and I was hanging over her. Oksana tried to get up, but I brought her back with a gentle movement of my hand. She tried to put her hands on my chest, but I pressed her hands to the bed.

  • Stop it immediately! She ordered. I didn’t move. Oksana breathed often, looking into my eyes. Her arms went limp. I pulled back a little, spread her knees wider and entered her. She was very wet.
  • Oooh! Wait, how are you ..? I covered her mouth with a kiss. Oksana was twitching, trying to throw me off, but I leaned on her with my whole body and did not let her.

After a few very tense seconds, she returned the kiss. I began to move slowly and after a few more seconds, her arms wrapped around my back. All this time we continued to kiss. I started to pick up the pace. Our lips parted. Oksana groaned, and then threw her legs over me, forcing me to enter as deep as possible.

I fucked her, from above and face to face, returning forgotten sensations and receiving my honestly deserved reward. Oksana moaned more and more often. Recently received anal orgasm gave up hope that I would not cum before her. I didn’t know what I would do next. I just knew that I really wanted to fuck her – and that, despite the resistance, she liked it.

  • Ahhh!

Oksana’s moan turned into a scream, and her nails dug into my back, leaving painful scratches, but I did not lose the rhythm. I continued to move measuredly, making her moan over and over again.

My orgasm came suddenly. It seems that during anal training I have already lost the habit of how it happens. A bright flash of pleasure – and now I finish in Oksana.

  • Ohhh ..! – I did not immediately understand that at that moment she had a second orgasm. This was a pleasant surprise for me.

I got out of it and lay down beside her. Our eyes met. I didn’t know what to say. Ask if she liked it? Apologize? Start explaining why I did this?

But Oksana broke the silence first:

  • You understand that you will be very severely punished? She asked affectionately, reaching out and patting my head.
  • Yes, Mistress! – I answered with relief.
  • No, I don’t think you understand, – Oksana sighed. – But you will soon understand!

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