Family debt in an abandoned dacha. Part 1

Olga is a thirty-year-old platinum blonde with a gorgeous figure who teaches ancient culture and philosophy at one of the top metropolitan universities. Her husband Dmitry is a young landscape designer who is five years younger than his wife, but is already in demand in Europe. They met at the university, where Dmitry came to receive another international certificate for the partnership program.
A passionate relationship quickly led to marriage, but after a while the spouses wanted variety, a certain sharpness in bed, which was not there before. At first, it was not easy for them to decide to swing, but Svetlana, their general fitness trainer, helped. At thirty-seven, a tall and domineering brunette with an athletic figure looked more than seductive, which made Dima, who basically did not want to share his wife with anyone, to agree to an exchange.

Olga’s partner was Svetlana’s husband, a businessman, including the owner of her fitness club as a franchise from an international network. Igor is a successful and self-confident forty-year-old man, he could easily surprise a young mistress in bed, while his wife was having fun with a boy in whom he did not see a competitor for himself. Both couples were satisfied with the first meeting, and therefore, without any doubt, continued to meet further, eventually becoming good friends.

June 9, 2018 Pre-holiday Saturday was a short day, and only Olga had to go to work. Friends have been waiting for this weekend for a long time, planning for them a joint trip to the dacha to Igor’s parents. A large, semi-abandoned site in the wilderness, where no one from the neighboring one was left for a long time, and there could be no tourists by definition, was perfect for realizing their new fantasy. Everyone wanted to try the pair BDSM session with complete submission, and for the thrill and additional excitement, it was decided to play poker roles, breaking into pairs.

The couples met during lunchtime, but due to the need to stop by the shops, they arrived at the place closer to the night. Of course, they stayed in the sex shop the longest, buying everything needed for the event – the amount came out large, but no one was going to save on this. Having a quick dinner and not wasting time cleaning, since the first night it was decided to sleep in the fresh air in the open air, the couples sat down to play poker for the formal sum of ten thousand rubles.

The rules were elementary and were guided by the amount remaining in the pair after the next game. There are five control points in total:

  1. 7.000 – the couple strips down to their underwear.
  2. 5,000 – the girl takes off her bra.
  3. 2.500 – a man takes off his underpants.
  4. 1.000 – a man takes off his wife’s panties.
  5. 0 – the couple becomes the slaves of the winners for the next three days.

Before the start of the game, the friends decided to additionally stipulate several conditions: homosexual contacts between men, causing serious harm to health, using slaves as a toilet and forcing them to unlawful sex were strictly prohibited. However, no one was going to do this. Olga tried to insist on the prohibition of lesbian sex as well, but by joint efforts she managed to persuade her not to include it in the list of taboo, because otherwise it turned out that they would not try anything fundamentally new.

There was no serious intrigue. Almost immediately, after only a couple of the first cautious games, the pair of Dima and Olga was left with three and a half thousand in their arms. The factor of general excitement and the desire to win as soon as possible played out, while rivals trained in business and sports controlled themselves better. None of the players were ashamed of underwear, but when, slightly blushing, Olga bared her firm fourth-size breasts, this definitely added piquancy.

The next game left them only fifteen hundred, here Igor was already trite luck with the last open card. Dima had to take off his panties, but the girls had already seen his penis, and Igor was not at all interested in him. The pair was lucky for the next few games, but they could not recoup, and, having passed the last checkpoint, they immediately went to zero. Admitting defeat, Dmitry was forced to take off his panties and his wife, exposing her pumped up ass and neat, clean-shaven pubis specially for the holidays.

Svetlana’s open glee and Igor’s contented look became a mirror image of the emotions of their rivals. On the hands and feet of the losers were immediately put on elastic bracelets, giving an electrical shock that causes temporary paralysis of the limb. A similar collar was worn on their necks, it was already responsible for loss of consciousness, and at the same time tracked the wearer’s geolocation. The couples immediately agreed that the winners would have the right to force the losers to take any action by force.

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