Family debt in an abandoned dacha. Part 2

With a mock pitying mockery, Svetlana said that for the next three days Dima would not need a member and gave Olga a special male chastity belt so that she would put it on her husband. From the belt there was one name, a metal cover was attached directly to the penis itself and the eggs, locking them with an electronic lock, the code from which was known only to Svetlana. The device did not prevent the man from going to the toilet, but excluded any contact with the penis, and did not physically allow him to get up at all. Satisfied with the miserable look of the losing pair, Svetlana ordered Olga to lie down on the table.

Taking a dark red waterproof marker out of her bag, the woman adorned her rival’s pubis with the neatly drawn word “slave”, after which she slightly creased her gorgeous breasts. Unfortunately, she herself could not boast of such forms – Svetlana’s slender body was almost in perfect shape after the last drying, but her breasts could hardly reach the second size, which she envied her friend a little, although she refused plastic surgery on principle.

Before starting sex, the girl forced Olga to roll over on her stomach and boldly printed on her lower back the offensive word “whore”. Then, with a savory slap, she drove the victim off the table and ordered her to undress Igor, while she threw off all her clothes, leaving only her panties. Taking Dima by the hair, she made him watch how Olga undressed her husband, then kneels down and, pulling off his panties with his teeth, gently takes in her mouth a strong member with characteristic veins breaking out.

Having enjoyed the emotions of her young lover, the woman wrote the same offensive “slave” on his lower back, then lay down on the table and ordered to serve herself orally. Taking off her panties with his teeth, following the example of his wife, Dima saw the red and wet vagina of an adult woman with a neat intimate haircut on her pubes. He not only knew how to do cunnilingus, but also loved, but the woman did not allow herself to be brought to orgasm. Pulling back, she called her husband, and Olga ordered Olga, who was sucking his cock, to lie on the floor.

Svetlana got off the table and, again taking him by the hair, made Dmitry kiss his wife, after which she stood over her crustacean, finding herself in position 69. Having understood her idea, Igor happily entered his wife, forcing the dumbfounded Svetlana to observe their sexual intercourse as close as possible … Of course, she was not allowed to admire the spectacle for a long time, forcing her to lick Svetlana’s clitoris, and at the same time the fucking penis. The poor girl did cunnilingus for the first time, but the excitement, as usual, turned out to be stronger than the disgust, and now she was almost at the limit.

Svetlana, turned up no less than her friend, finished quickly, and Olga, still without normal sex, was forced to take Igor’s orgasm orally, swallowing sperm that filled her mouth abundantly. When she finished, she tried to satisfy herself, but the electrical discharge into the bracelets on her hands did not allow her to do this. Having admired the shock, due to the loss of control over her limbs, the expression on her friend’s face, Svetlana ordered Dima to bring her to orgasm with her tongue, after which they again had to kiss in front of the winners.

Satisfied with the spectacle, Igor went to get sleeping bags from the car, but Svetlana had her own plans for them. Instead of going to bed with her husband, as originally planned, she decided to sleep with Olga so that she would get used to her naked body. Of course, Igor was not going to sleep with Dima, and therefore it was decided to lock the latter in a closet under the stairs leading to the second floor for the night. Fortunately, the summer this year turned out to be hot, so he could not get sick if he wanted to.

Tomorrow, Svetlana and Igor were waiting for three days of indescribable fun and excellent sex, and Olga and Dima – the same three days of humiliating tests, perverted torture and hard physical labor in someone else’s dacha. Their plans were not only to play sports and have a good rest in nature, but also to tidy up the dacha itself, tidying up in a half-abandoned house where no one has lived for a long time, and tidying up the territory adjacent to it.

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