First successful experience. Part 1

In the morning, the doorbell woke me up. “What the fuck is Sunday ?!” – I thought. I jumped out of bed and put on my robe. He went to the door and looked through the peephole – there were two guys in a bright blue work uniform standing on the landing. “How did I forget? They came to me to install a split system! ” I opened the door and let the guys in.

  • Igor. Valera, – they introduced themselves, and we shook hands. The guys brought their tools, and I went to watch the dream. I put on my headphones and fell asleep …

I woke up when someone insistently tugged at my shoulder. I opened my eyes – Igor stood in front of me and looked at me somehow mockingly.

“We’re finishing, go see.” He was still staring at me derisively. I looked at myself and immediately understood everything – I was sleeping in lace panties for women and I had not changed my clothes from sleep. In general, I love lingerie and often walk at home in the form of a girl, wearing panties, stockings, a wig and a short dress. And now Igor saw me in this form and, of course, understood everything at once. I blushed like a cancer and girly tried to cover myself with the blanket.

  • I’ll be right there, – my mouth went dry with excitement. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. I felt with my back how Igor was looking at my buns, covered with lace panties. My legs did not obey, and I walked as if on a machine. Valera was explaining something to me, apparently how to use the split, but I was in a daze and only nodded. He looked at me somehow condescendingly and at the same time with interest.

Suddenly I felt the touch of hot hands on my buttocks. These hot hands crumpled my buns, spreading them apart and pinching them. I lost the ability to resist and closed my eyes. Another pair of hands began to wrinkle my nipples, and I involuntarily escaped a moan of pleasure. I have never had a man, only in dreams. And just like that, it somehow happened by itself completely unplanned. “Well, so be it,” I thought.

Valera pressed persistently on my shoulders and I immediately realized what he wanted. I knelt down and his fly was right in front of my face. The bump in his pants looked inviting. I began to unbutton my fly, Valera stroked my head at this time. His cock was just gorgeous – about 18 centimeters long and probably about 5 wide. I stared at this handsome man and got aroused myself. Its red head was right in front of my face and glittered alluringly.

  • Come on, suck, whore, – said Valera. From such rudeness, I unexpectedly became even more excited. – You like sucking dicks, right? – he said. Valera grabbed the back of my head and literally strung me on his fighter. From surprise, I tried to move away, but Valera held me tightly by the back of the head and gradually increased the rate and depth of penetration into my lustful mouth. His penis entered me almost completely and I almost choked, either from pleasure, or from lack of air. My penis was staked and was about to pour out sperm. But I knew that if I finished before the guy, then there will be no pleasure, so I endured …
  • This whore sucks well, – said Valera, – it’s not in vain that we worked hard today. – He grabbed my ears and began to string on his red-hot cock. It was hard for me to breathe, I flushed all over and felt like a real whore and whore … Valera moved faster and drove his monster straight into my throat. After a few seconds, he started to cum. I swallowed and swallowed his warm sperm and it seemed that it would not end.
  • Look in the eyes, whore, – I raised my head and, like a slut from porn, devotedly looked at my fucker. “A good chick,” Valera said and pulled his gradually softening member out of my fucking mouth. He wiped off the rest of the semen and my saliva on my lips and tapped his cock on them several times. – Suck just class! – he said, grinning and went to the bathroom.

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