First time. Part 1

Now Stas knew that Vika was a virgin and planned this evening according to all the canons. He felt responsible for her first time. Two extremes fought in him: one wanted to give the girl an unforgettable romance, to elevate her to a pedestal of pleasure … And the other tried to rip off Vicky’s dress right now and take possession of her right there, in the car in front of her house, boldly and insatiably. But he did this all the time, before her. And these were not virgins, but the same sophisticated hunters for pleasure. Vika was different and deserved another relationship.

  • Thanks for this evening. I’ve never been to such a luxurious restaurant, everything was perfect, – Vika smiled and looked at Stas with a burning look.

He smiled back and ran his hand gently over her cheek.

  • I’m glad you’re happy.

He bent down to her face and before kissing, looked into her eyes with a long, burning look. From this look, everything inside Vicki turned upside down, butterflies in the lower abdomen did not just flutter, they fought in a wild fire of unrealized passion.

The girl first leaned forward and touched the guy’s lips. At first, gently and carefully, but as soon as Stas’s tongue penetrated inside, the kiss became greedy and passionate. Breathing lost, Vika felt his hands on her waist, then on the lower back. The back involuntarily arched, I wanted more …

  • Let’s go? – Vicki’s voice sounded quiet.

Stas bent down to the girl’s ear and, stirring with his breath, whispered:

  • Aren’t you afraid to be alone with me in an empty apartment?

Vika breathed in his scent and, melting from his proximity, whispered in response:

  • I will risk…

Entering the apartment, the couple silently took off their shoes. Vika looked at Stas for a long time, then slowly turned around and went into the bedroom. The guy followed.

Vika stood in front of him in the twilight, only street lamps gave light. A small black dress favorably fitted a graceful figure: wide hips, a flat stomach and an elastic chest. The girl herself was slender and feminine, her thick long hair falling in waves below her shoulders.

Stas came very close. Everything inside fluttered. Vika felt a man’s, such a pleasant smell, saw his languid, lustful look. She froze in tense anticipation.

“You are very beautiful.” His voice was hoarse with desire.

Stas gently lifted her cups and slowly kissed her. His tongue moved confidently and passionately, igniting even more fire inside. He stroked her back with one hand, with the other lightly stroked her face, then went down her neck to the collarbone and ran his hand down her chest.

Stas clearly knew what he was doing. From his movements inside, everything ached with hot languor, as if lava had spread in the lower abdomen and with each touch this lava filled the whole body. Vika could not hold back a groan.

Stas smiled and looked Vika in the eyes. He liked her responsiveness to caresses, how her body reacted to touch, how much she wanted him …

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