First time. Part 2

Stas carefully removed the curls from his shoulders, bent down to his neck and slowly ran his lips over the skin. The girl’s breath caught. He climbed higher and grabbed the earlobe with his tongue. The choked groan was heard again. Vika grabbed the guy harder.

  • I like the way you moan. Don’t hold back.

And why does it turn on even more? Vika felt that her panties were soaked long ago.

Stas continued to kiss the ear, neck, shoulder. Vika did not even notice how he unbuttoned the dress. Only when the guy took off his shirt himself, she realized that she was in only underwear. The sight of his athletic pumped up muscles made him breathless again. I wanted to touch the steel press as soon as possible, to feel its strong powerful hands on myself. He’s too sexy …

Stas stepped up to Vika and put her on the bed with a quick movement. He began to kiss her, demanding and passionate. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as those strong hands crumpled her breasts and thighs. Vika wriggled under his touch, she wanted to get even closer, wanted even more from him!

Stas looked up from Vika’s lips and, looking into her eyes, began to lower the straps of her bra in turn. The girl breathed quickly and intermittently, she felt a hard bulge on her thigh and dreamed of feeling it inside.

Stas gently pushed the lace of the bra with his fingers and painfully slowly released his tender breasts. The guy had already seen her before, but everything was crumpled and ended in nothing, it was at that moment that Vika confessed her innocence, and he did not have time to enjoy either the view or the sensation. But now … Stas squeezed firm, untouched breasts in his palms. That had its own charm, realizing that you are the only owner of the treasure. The guy slipped his nipples between his fingers and squeezed lightly.

  • Mmm, – Vika arched and grabbed a powerful man’s back.

Stas began to gently curl, crush and pull back hard nipples. The girl continued to bend and moan in response. The guy finally ran his tongue across his chest, simultaneously unbuttoning the bra and removing it completely. He alternately sucked on the nipples, played with them with his tongue, gently pulled them back with his teeth … This sweet breast could be caressed forever. The nipples quickly swelled and reddened, which made them even more pleasant to suck.

Without looking up from his chest, Stas ran his hand along the waist and rushed down to his hips. There, where the lace of panties so attracted. He squeezed, then stroked the elastic ass of the girl. Then, along the edge of the panties, the fingers moved forward and through the fabric the guy gently ran along the pubis. Instinctively, Vicki’s hips opened a little towards the guy. Stas went down with his thumb, with gentle circular movements he felt the clitoris. The girl groaned, throwing her head back. The guy ran his fingers over the labia and noticed with pleasure that the underwear was completely wet.

  • Mm someone is clearly glad to me, – Stas pushed the fabric and crawled under the panties.
  • God, Stas! – it was so nice that Vika could not hold back a cry. Her juicy pussy was dripping with desire and, finally, Stas got to the most secret place.

The guy pulled off the last barrier from the girl and froze for a moment, admiring the alluring curves.

  • You’re beautiful.

“Take me,” it was almost a plea.

Stas smiled:

  • How much do you want me?
  • I never wanted anyone as much as you.

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