First time. Part 3

Vika got up, kissed the guy and pulled him to her. But Stas carefully pulled away and went down below. He parted his slender legs and ran his tongue between the wet folds. Vika sighed convulsively and leaned back. The guy felt the clitoris and began to caress it with his tongue, then went down the folds to the vagina again, played there and returned to the clitoris. Stas knew what he was doing, his experience did not leave the slightest chance of failure. Vika moaned and moved towards the tongue. The pleasure became so unbearable that it seemed that she was about to be torn apart. And when she was covered by the first real orgasm in her life, Vika forgot where she was and what was happening, she screamed his name and shuddered in convulsions of ecstasy.

The girl still could not come to her senses when Stas hung over her with a mountain of brutal muscles.

  • I like your taste, – he bit into her lips with a kiss and Vika felt the salty taste of her own juices. This was even more exciting.

The girl began to unfasten the guy’s belt and trousers. A moment later, a hard, sinewy member lay in her hands. She was amazed at his large size and skin so soft to the touch. Vika began stroking the trunk and carefully fingering the testicles. Stas gasped, his breathing went astray.

He jerked Vika back onto the bed and spread her legs. Slowly approached and touched the hot head of the penis to the smooth dripping pussy. Then he began to carefully drive over the labia and clitoris. Vika began to breathe quickly, and every time a member approached the cherished entrance, her hips made a movement towards him, wanting to take him in their bowels as soon as possible. But Stas was in no hurry, he teased and inflamed the girl more and more.

Vika groaned with desire, her flower was opened and ready to collect nectar. The guy’s trunk was already slippery, covered in her juices. Stas painfully slowly plunged his head into a narrow, such hot and juicy hole.

  • Ahh, – Vika groaned, – More …

Stas began to slowly sink a member deeper. The girl twitched with a cry. The guy froze:

  • Should I stop?

Vika wrapped her legs around him and kissed him passionately:

  • Never. Take me…

And Stas began to move: at first slowly and carefully, filling the virgin bosom with himself, as if mastering new territory, and then faster and more assertively.

Vika was gasping for breath from new sensations. She felt pain and pleasure at the same time. This unearthly pleasure carried her away from this planet. The girl moaned, clutching the stone sweaty muscles of the guy. Each new impulse shook the body and soul, the chest threw back and forth, constantly touching the nipples with the man’s body.

  • Oh, Stas! Yes! Stas! Ahh! – a new wave of orgasm covered and carried Vika to the peak of bliss. Stas finished next.

It took a while to catch my breath.

  • How do you? – asked Stas, lying next to him. He stroked the girl’s chest with the back of his hand.
  • Wonderful, thank you, – Vika whispered sincerely, still being in pleasant bliss.

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