Forrest’s Adventures

It was a rainy autumn day. Forrest was going on a business trip, packing his suitcase, he said goodbye to his wife.

Forrest’s empty feelings for his wife haunted him. On the way to the train, he thought about what had gone wrong in his life. In his youth, Forrest showed great promise in science, but then something went wrong: constant stress tormented him from the inside, in addition to this, he also got married, no, not because he loved, but because he was afraid of being alone.

Until that night, Forrest never cheated on his wife, was almost an exemplary husband (He always tried to be a support and a breadwinner for her, in return she treated him with disdain, as if he owed her something)

In addition to the inner experience, Forrest felt a sense of thirst, because he and his wife had not had sex, for about a month and this infuriated him. Having cooled down a little, he called a taxi and drove off …

Arriving at the station, Forrest decided to have something to eat and drink coffee, waiting for the train, Forrest entered the car and saw a young girl with beautiful breasts and a middle-aged man.

The atmosphere in the carriage was tense enough, so Forrest decided to get to know the mysterious neighbors better. From the conversation, it became clear that the girl’s name was Jenny, she was going to visit friends for the weekend and was studying at a local university to be a banker.

The man introduced himself as Mark, from his words it became clear that he was married and had four children.

He was an ordinary “clerk” (a typical office worker) who talked for a long time, something about “technological developments”, “financial scheme” and much more, but this did not really interest Forrest, all this time he was “staring” at the gorgeous uniform Jenny, who seemed to be devouring Forrest with her eyes. Meanwhile, Mark went out to eat something in the dining car saying that he would be back soon.

As soon as Mark left, Jenny began to flirt with Forrest, making it clear in every possible way that she was horny. The girl lifted the hem of her skirt and pushed aside her blue and yellow panties. Forrest’s dick rose noticeably and from under the trousers one could notice the rather decent size of his “friend”, this further excited Jenny and she decided to take the matter under her female control. Taking off the pants from Forrest, the girl gently began to caress the head of the penis, accelerating the pace more and more, her juicy lips moved and from time to time licked his clean-shaven testicles. This continued for about 20 minutes, when suddenly Forrest heard Mark’s footsteps, hurrying Jenny, he quickly put on his trousers and, as if nothing had happened, was sitting near his bed talking sweetly with Jenny.

Mark entered, the mood in the man was uplifting, he continued to rub in stories about his life, as you might guess, Forrest was not at all interested in this, and he decided to leave for a while, according to him, to breathe.

At this time, Forrest was happy, he wanted to continue, but what happened next shocked Forrest.

Returning, after much thought, Forrest heard groans, it was his Jenny, he knew that for sure. Approaching the slightly ajar door, he saw the following: Mark was already pounding Jenny to the full, a continuous female moan was heard from the car.

Mark gradually began to accelerate his movements with his pelvis back and forth, not forgetting the woman’s breasts, for this he pushed back the cups of the yellow bra and greedily crumpled Jenny’s bare breasts.

Forrest’s neighbor was happier than ever, because he got what Forrest didn’t get.

Jenny was already screaming from the compartment, something like:

  • Fuck me, yeah, ooh, deeper, deeper old pervert.

Mark’s voice followed:

“Shut your mouth, you filthy whore.

  • Now get on your knees and swallow my trunk.

Jenny obediently knelt down and began to swallow his cock almost to the bottom of the bottom, her tights were torn, and her knees were red and frayed, as if they were being rubbed on an iron.

Further, Mark bent the girl into the G pose, rolling up her dress, he began to enter her, the penis, no wonder, came in very easily and the man was already fucking Jenny with might and main. On the face of the girl you could read that she was definitely fine, Jenny screamed and struggled in convulsions.

Mark increased the pace of the pelvis, he squeezed her elastic ass with his paws, and from time to time took her by the hair and pressed her to him, Jenny was already approaching the next orgasm.

When he finished, Mark got off her, wiping his cock with a napkin, they felt good and Forrest saw it.

All depressed Forrest decided not to enter the compartment, but went to the restaurant car, taking with him a bottle of whiskey, the guy tried to rethink what was happening, he thought about his “petty affair” and about Jenny’s “fuck” with Mark, all these questions did not give the guy of peace, he drank glass after glass, when suddenly there was a ringing in his ears, he was deafened by something, it was like the sound of a bottle.

When he woke up, Forrrest remembered practically nothing, he was tormented by one single question:

“What the fuck is a condom doing in his ass?”

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