Friday debauchery with a girlfriend

It’s Friday. Another boring week is over and you can relax. I’m meeting with my friend Sophie tonight. We agree to drink coffee, chat about life, share the latest news and, of course, have sex. To have sex is probably the main goal of this evening, which should take place in a warm and cozy rented apartment.

How did we get to having sex as a friend? By chance. Or maybe not. Being in a relationship with a guy before our week-long business trip, she accidentally sent an intimate photo from the sight of which I was speechless, but managed to save it to my collection. She apologized for a long time and said that it was by accident. I was waiting for a business trip, dreamed and fantasized how I would stay with her alone and taste this pussy. And there was something to dream about: a young athletic girl of 25 years old with a figure pumped up in fitness, a blonde with blue eyes and freckles – she attracted men’s looks and gave the impression of a cute naive child. One of my colleagues once said about her: Sophie, he is nicer than my child … But it didn’t work out. She chattered again and said that this photo was sent to me by accident.

A year has passed. We chatted online. About everything. She began to open up and I found out about her sexual preferences. About the fact that, having parted with innocence just a couple of years ago, she had already had time to fuck a lot, she loves blowjob and Cooney, tried in her gorgeous ass and experimented in the MZHM format, which she “went”. Less than a month after her frankness, we found ourselves in the back seat of my car during lunch break. Kiss, caress, sex … and away we go: rented apartments, front and back seats of a car, hood, street, blowjob at lunchtime. We talked great and fucked great, not thinking about anything.

So today, on Friday, in a cozy atmosphere, we wanted communication and sex. I arrived at a pre-rented apartment half an hour earlier. I put some champagne in the fridge in reserve, made some chocolate and boiled a kettle. Sophie was late, tired of waiting and poured herself coffee. Mmmmmm … how fragrant. I inhaled its scent and took a couple of sips – gorgeous. Call. My friend came. I open the door – gorgeous and innocent as always.

– Hi T-ka, didn’t wait for me and started coffee? What else did he do without me – she grinned;

– Hi Sophie. Looking forward to our evening;

She smelled of freshness, perfume and sex. Coffee will wait, you need to start the main course.

– this is superfluous – I pointed to her light autumn dress – undress and march to bed to warm up. I have a surprise for you;

– mmm, will I like it?

– certainly!

Like an obedient girl, she turned her back on me and kicked off her dress as she walked into the bedroom. Black lingerie and stockings are great. But the linen is too much, I notice after her. With a chuckle, she takes it off, remaining only in stockings. It is a pleasure to watch her obedience and debauchery. It’s time to get ready for the surprise. I take out a black mask with a mouth-only slit and a rope. I go to the bedroom. She studies objects in her hands with interest.

  • Is this a surprise?
  • Wait, everything has its time. Put on the mask and hands behind your back;

Obediently fulfills all that I ask. Good girl. Mask on the head, hands tied behind the back. Yes, her hands were somehow blurry, it was uncomfortable for her to lie on her back. I slipped a pillow under my back, my chest arched, my nipples stick out excitedly, my legs are pervertedly parted. Waiting for what will happen next. I turn on the music so that extraneous sounds distract her, and immediately fall to her pussy. How long have I been waiting for this, intensively playing with the clitoris with my tongue and it is already all flowing and breathing like after a run. I step aside and quickly undress, giving way to a “gift”. The second guy, already naked, hiding before that in the closet and quietly sneaking at the prearranged signal “music”, takes my place and continues to lick Sophie’s pussy. She didn’t seem to notice anything. The distraction of music and intense cooney worked. Or not. I watch how the “gift” pleases my depraved girlfriend. It’s a pity, only her lips are visible, which she bites with pleasure.

The “gift” is excited and ready to take possession of a new pussy. It looks like she wants it too. The guy steps aside for a moment, puts on “protection”, spreads these gorgeous legs even wider and enters. A deep sigh of relief from both. There is a moment’s pause and begins to move slowly in it. Everything goes according to plan. Sophie is uncomfortable, but it only adds to the pleasure. The head is turned to the side. The mouth is open, breathing is heavy. The guy is already fucking the unsuspecting Sophie hard. I show with a gesture – turn it over. “Gift” executes the command. My friend is submissive, and that means she still doesn’t suspect anything. Lying on his stomach on the pillow, he twists his cute ass, “they say, come on, continue.” There is no need to beg him, the “gift” falls on the girl and continues to fuck our pussy.

It’s time to move on to the second part of the evening and join the debauchery. The girl is already on fire and will definitely not refuse. I quietly go up to her face and run my cock over my lips. The first reaction – reflexively takes the head in his mouth, but suddenly freezes and begins to escape. “Gift” securely fixes her ass with a member inside, I hold my head.

  • And here is the present, my young “friend”. Open your mouth and enjoy;

I drive a member to the lip, a couple of seconds to think and the member is immersed in a warm captivity. You have to move yourself. The girl is still securely fixed, although there is no need for this. We enter the rhythm with the “gift” and enjoy my friend’s young body. She gasps with excitement and the second member in her mouth. It’s time to give my friend a little more freedom. I untie my hands and put her cancer. My friend is no longer against the group sex and dutifully awaits the continuation. Again, two cocks fill Sophie’s hole and her delicate mouth. This time she already helps with her hands and does everything herself, from time to time straying. Not even a minute passed as she freezes with my penis in her hands and an explosion of pleasure. She finished and fell on the bed with her chest. “Gift” does not withstand convulsions inside the vagina, which has become even tighter, and ends in the same way. I was left out of the lot. But this is for now.

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