Friend’s ass

After three minutes of frictions, Krugly planted it deeper, and sperm began to be injected from his balls down the penis with sharp short spasms directly into Oleg’s ass. Oleg was on all fours with cancer, and Marinka, who was present at the same time, pushed Oleg’s buttocks and sometimes squeezed Krugly’s balls. Marinka has long dreamed that Oleg would get fucked in the ass and hinted to him that this should be organized. After Round slowly pulled the penis out of Oleg’s ass, sperm began to stand out from the hole and flow down his thighs and balls. “I’ve never seen a fucked ass with sperm before, only in the movies,” said Marinka. Marinka persuaded Krugly to fuck Oleg in the ass, not knowing that Oleg had previously substituted Krugly’s ass for anal sex. Therefore, it was not necessary to persuade him for a long time. Marinka asked Oleg to get to his feet, bent forward and spread his buttocks apart.

So it was necessary to stand for 10 minutes, until Krugly again got a member. Marinka agreed with Krugly to fuck Oleg five times in a row, with breaks. Once counted until the moment of ejaculation. Round jerked his cock, and Marinka began to lick Oleg’s anus. The member of Krugly got up, and he already effortlessly inserted it into Oleg’s ass. After the first time, after the first minute of frictions, Oleg’s anus was already well stretched and, squishing with liquid, it looked like a woman’s vagina, which accepted everything without resistance. Podrachnaya member Krugly right in Oleg’s ass, Marinka achieved ejaculation again inside his ass. The round one groaned and drove his cock in the ass with all his might. Towards evening they finished. Oleg was squatted on his desk, laid on his back with his legs raised high, put in the “broken birch” position and used other positions. Marina helped all this time – she pushed Oleg’s buttocks apart, massaged Krugly’s balls, guided his penis into Oleg’s ass. When Krugly finished for the fifth time, Marinka made Oleg spread his buttocks again and lean forward well, giving a good view of his sperm opening. Marinka took the phone, turned on the camera.

  • Now start squeezing sperm out of your ass. Push and fart slowly. – said Marinka.

Oleg began to push and from his sphincter with characteristic sounds the vesicular sperm of Krugly began to stand out. Marinka started making videos, and Krugly took a series of pictures from her phone. For five times Oleg’s ass was injected, a lot of it accumulated, so that it reached him right up to his heels. Round again got a member, and Marinka asked to fuck Oleg again. But Krugly said that he already had a sore bridle on the head of his penis, and he refused. He packed up and left. And Marinka looked at Oleg’s “fucked ass” for a long time, and occasionally spoiled her with a candle, now with a comb, or just with two or three fingers.

  • Do you like it when you are fucked in your slutty ass? – asks Marinka.
  • Yes – Oleg answers. Marinka does not know that Oleg liked it the first time, a long time ago.

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