From hand to hand. Part 1

I have always loved older women, one might even say the elderly. But how do you hook them? You come up to this: “Girl! Can I meet you? ” and she immediately screeched: “They are killing! They are raping !!! ” and so on and so on and all the buzz on the side. A week ago I couldn’t stand it, bought the newspaper “From Ruk v Ruki”, chose 10 ads of women aged 40 to 60 years, wrote 10 letters under a carbon copy, indicated his work phone number and sent it on Saturday.

On Monday the first one called – A., 45 years old. She invited me to a meeting at the monument (again I forgot who) at Chistye Prudy (metro Turgenevskaya). In the evening after work I went, got stuck in a traffic jam on Prospekt Mira, was 15 minutes late. He stood for another 15, asked some woman of the age, “Are you Anya?” – she shied away and I left, all broken off.

O. 52 years old called on Tuesday. She immediately asked: “How many centimeters do you have?”, I said: “How much do you need?” If you have a big one, then your sister will take you. If average, then this is for me. ” I said “Average”, She: “Then I’ll give my sister the crane operator, and you write down my address. But I warn you, I have 107 kg, such a loaf, sixth breast, large nipples, grow up to 2 cm in the mouth. And I need at least three sticks. Many are scared. ” I say: “Yes, no problem, I will not be scared.” In the evening I did not go where. Terrible distance. Edge of Moscow. She is really healthy and lacking in girth. We went straight to bed. I looked, and it was already flowing. You can’t get close to the cunt from above. She got up with cancer. I inserted. Feeling like a finger to the sky. She says: “14.5 cm, and the thickness is not more than four.” This is it about my boy. Hmm. Measured. I say: “You are as straight as in the market”, she: “And I work in the market. Do not be afraid. I just started leaking a lot, the man was gone for a long time, everyone is afraid. You fuck, your pussy will swell and be tighter. ” I say: “And I’m not afraid.” I shoved her for half an hour. She grunt like a pig, finished three times, and I went to zero. But I always have a long time. From childhood he loved to pull. But it costs at least six hours without problems. Then she sucked, then put her breasts under my nose and asked me to bite my nipples, I bite, she moan, I am stronger, she screams, I still … more … more, I went so far, began to bite so hard, right to sadism, so excited by this that he turned her over again, stuck her in and almost immediately finished. Then they jumped for another half hour and finished again. Etc. In general, we had fun until 3 am. It’s funny. She screams like a pig, and neighbors knock on the wall. In these houses of ours, all sex is group sex. In the afternoon again to work, and my knees are trembling, my legs give way, I want to sleep.

Wednesday. Dinner. I am sleeping. Call. Intelligent voice: “K. can!” – “I’m listening to!” – “My name is IN. You wrote to me. I am 54 years old.” – “Very nice!” “I liked that you were the only one who didn’t describe what you’ll do with me. But I understand that you are also interested in intimate relationships. ” – “Oh sure!” – “You know. I’m a little confused by the age difference. My son is 34 years old. But let’s try. However, one condition. The only thing I can offer you in this regard is oral sex to me. If for you, then only in a condom. ” – “I do not insist on anything, but I do not refuse anything.” “Then we can meet. If in an hour at MT? But, of course, this is just the first time to meet. ” – “Of course !!!” I’m breaking down. Fuck work. At the right time, in the right place, a lady comes up to the car. Oh nothing. Normal build. Of course age .. but young. Talk first, negotiate. Fuck-mine. The husband has long gone to another, younger. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. There is nowhere to meet. And so on. In short, the usual story. I turn on the engine. “Where are we going?” – “Let’s go for a ride” – “But not far away” – “Of course !!!” She says. Feels like she has no one to talk to. I agree. Steering himself. I leave for the roundabout. Houses are running out. I turn into the woods. It’s good that the sky is clear, the sun is shining. Fall. The leaves are golden. Stopped at the edge of the forest. Then she came to her senses. She was frightened, whined plaintively: “Young man! Well, we agreed “-” Everything will be as you asked “-” But I’m not ready yet “-” Come on. People of your generation like to chat for some reason. But we must do it. What you want. Take off your raincoat. ”And without letting me come to my senses and ponder, I myself help to take it off, immediately lean on, lower the chair, she is already suffocating. It’s almost done. With these old heifers you need to quickly, until they are overcome by the “Moral Code of the Builder of Communism”, and then nature will take its toll. First, my mouth, then my chest (for 3 points), my stomach (with three large moles), I take off my panties, my pussy is rather dry, but they didn’t fuck like that. Tongue on the palm, and palm on the penis, and then a member into it. She wheezes. Stick by stick. I look hums. Still, sharper. Has calmed down. Finished. I drain it myself. Enough for today. Especially after yesterday. “You deceived me. I don’t want to meet with you anymore. ” – “It’s as you like. If you want a stick, you will call yourself. ” I take her to the subway and go to work myself.

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